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Tusken Friction Folder

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Aug 24, 2013
i would love to buy it but i'm in australia, if you will sell to me i will pay the extra postage and will assume all risk once you post it . i paid usps express postage this week on a knife from united states and postage was $80 which i was happy to pay. if you don't wish to sell outside of u.s i understand. if you wish to contact me ,my email is dmorton12@bigpond.com
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Aug 24, 2013
apologies for any inconvenience caused but i cannot proceed as i find now i on't have any spare funds in my p/p,


Gold Member
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Mar 9, 2013
Happy New Year all!

This was design I created as I built it. It went through many changes and this spunky guy is the outcome. Reminds me something nautical or something Star Wars Desert people would carry.

Anyways, Hope you enjoy this more artsy looking creation

Closed OAL: 4 1/4"
Open OAL: 6 1/4"
Edge: 2 1/4"
Blade Thickness: .110
Handle Thickness: .472
Finish: Flat Grind with Satin Flats and High Policy Spine
Steel: CPM154
Heat Treat: 62
Handle: G-Carta Cross cut Quad Brown
Leather Slip
Other details: SS back spacer, Hand turned Brass Collars for pivot screws and stop pin screws, phosphorous Bronze washers

$230.00 shipped CONUS.

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Very cool design!! Nice clean classy looker of a blade!!!!