Twosun TS59 tanto


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Mar 21, 2010
EDIT: the TS190 Cobra is sold. TS59 is still available

Both knives have titanium frames with ball bearing action and steel inserts where the integral framelock contacts the blade. The blade of the TS-59 tanto is D2. It's a flipper and the flip nubs are nice and trigger-y.

I forgot to take pics of the lockup, but both are at a healthy 35-40%. The action on both is snappy: not lightning fast, but they won't open in your pocket. They will drop shut but not like guillotines. I was skeptical about this brand at first but I am a fan. I just bought too many at once and am never going to use these enough to keep them.

The TS-59 is brand new and completely unused, other than to open it for the photos.

It has stayed in the box and plastic since I got it.

TS59: $70

Prices include shipping to CONUS via USPS. Know your local laws

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