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Umnumzaan pics

Discussion in 'Chris Reeve Knives' started by bhyde, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. ron finkbeiner jr

    ron finkbeiner jr

    Jan 6, 2012
    I don't why but I am curiously aroused by these......
  2. Mick_1KRR


    May 1, 2016
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  3. halden.doerge

    halden.doerge I'll Sharpen Your Knife Gold Member

    Aug 17, 2014

    Welcome home, son.
  4. NSBFL

    NSBFL Gold Member Gold Member

    May 10, 2013

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  5. Glock Guy

    Glock Guy Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 28, 2012
    This is a shot of Kevin C's collection from the FB page...

    Kevin Cotton pic.jpg
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  6. blanco112

    blanco112 Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 1, 2016
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  7. Pinnacle64

    Pinnacle64 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 25, 2013
    Going to need to buy my own with tanto blade very very soon.
  8. tombor


    Jan 9, 2014
  9. Dr-Mabuse

    Dr-Mabuse Basic Member Basic Member

    Nov 23, 2014
    I have got to know, what is that clip?!
  10. photoman12001

    photoman12001 Gold Member Gold Member

    May 23, 2008
    It’s a Millit clip.
    I like them a lot for looks but I don’t think they work as well as the standard factory clip for actual pocket carry. All my CRKs with Millit clips are either safe queens or carried in a sheath.

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  11. "Havoc"

    "Havoc" Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 20, 2016
    No sure why Knife Art hasn’t started doing something like this.

    Just picked this up in the mail yesterday from Michael at SixThreeBladeWorx.
    Great work Micheal
    So worth the wait!!!!

    I used to different weight scales to verify weight at 3.9oz!
    Insanely light, feels great in the hand and just right when clipped in the pocket for carry.









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  12. johnnytoxin

    johnnytoxin Gold Member Gold Member

    May 24, 2010
    Really nice man! I just wonder how the carbon fiber will hold up to the forces of opening the knife over time. Please report back on how it does over the next few months.
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  13. "Havoc"

    "Havoc" Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 20, 2016
    @johnnytoxin, thanks bud. I will let everyone know how it holds up. The Umnumzaan was already my EDC. So it will get a ton of use over the next few months.
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  14. DRLyman

    DRLyman Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2016
  15. 4mer_FMF

    4mer_FMF Basic Member Basic Member

    Jun 9, 2016
    It’s hard to believe the costal cactus is still in bloom.


    Looking at the buds, there’s still a few weeks to go. Unusual this year.

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  16. squareFaced

    squareFaced Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 2, 2014
    I posted this in another thread before and didn't know the zaan had its own picture thread! I was lucky to purchase a zaan in a configuration that i wanted - lefty, old pivot, no lbs. Cant wait for it to develop that great patina character that I see from well used zaans.
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  17. HST

    HST Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 2, 2015
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  18. DRLyman

    DRLyman Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Nice and stormy night here so I messed with the camera.

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  19. bhyde

    bhyde UNNECESSARY EVIL Staff Member Super Mod Moderator Platinum Member

    Mar 19, 2002
    Finally as finished as I want to be with this Umnumzaan collection.
    Old pivots representing the evolution of change and the different models offered. Prototype on the right.
    While I may buy more in the future, this is essentially it.

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  20. sn0wman72

    sn0wman72 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 13, 2017
    Great collection, can you post a photo of the lock side?

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