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US Army Special Forces "Treatymaker"

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Jul 15, 2003
This knife is designed and in use by Army Special Forces in the current theater of combat, a real tool!
United States Army Special Forces "Treatymaker LT (LighT)

Get a closer look at this knife right here!

Size: Length overall: 11.25" (28.6cm), Blade Length: 6.75" (17.1cm), Thickness: .1875 (.48cm)

Blade: Double-Edged Drop Point, ATS-34 High Chrome-Molybdenum Stainless Tool Steel, Hardened and Tempered to Rockwell C58, flawlessly mirror polished

Fittings/Bolsters: 304 high Chrome-Nickel Stainless Steel, mirror polished, fileworked Brass spacer

Handle: Polished Budstone from Africa

Sheath: Kydex, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Nickel Plated Steel with Engraved removable Brass Plaque

The Treatymaker LT is a LighT version of a double edged drop point tool. This is one serious knife, and the thin grind requires the additional toughness of ATS-34 stainless for a point that doesn't yield. The blade features full filework, is mirror polished and etched with the SF emblems, "We Do Bad Things To Bad People," Special Forces, Scuba, and Parachutist skill badges. The tough 304 stainless bolsters have a rear lanyard hole, a deep hawk's bill rear quillion for locking the beautiful green budstone gem handle to the hand. Full modified vine filework with fileworked brass accent spacer. The sheath is positively locking, waterproof, and made of kydex, stainless steel, and an aluminum frame attached with nickel plated steel Chicago screws and a 2" aluminum belt loop for total security. Removable engraved black laquered brass flashplate sets this ensemble off. Numbered #003

Price: $695.00

Visit my site here to see other combat/tactical knives!
Thanks for your interest. I accept checks, money orders, and MC/VISA
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Jul 19, 2000
I just got thru looking at your site. WOW, do you ever sleep? I like the feature where you customers can see where their knives are in the process. Your knives are of the wicked variety. Great designs and very creative sheath making.

Cerberus :cool:
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Jul 15, 2003
Thanks a lot , Cerberus, I appreciate the look.
I do sleep, but not every night. Yesterday I put in a 14 hour work day.
I'm a full time professional maker, have been making knives for 24 years, and been full time for 17 years. So, I make a lot of knives, have a bunch of experience at this, and get to meet some really interesting knife fans and users.
I tell folks I've got the greatest job in the world. Professional knife users, military, cops, tactical squads, rescue professionals, come into my studio and, with my tradecraft, make their dream designs come true. Then I add these to my pattern inventory, and offer the same models to the collecting and using public. I also work with collectors and even museums!You can see the 270 patterns in my inventory here. Yes, I've made every one- at least once or twice.
:) I love this job!
About the sheaths, I've always considered sheath work as part of my trade. Here's my sheath and stands page. When the military and tacticians request fully locking stainless steel waterproof sheaths, worn upside-down when they jump out of aircraft, I was up for the challenge. This has allowed me to design and produce probably the finest tactical sheath made. Guys have done HALO jumps with my knives upside down, strapped across their O2 suits, free falling for minutes... wow. I wish I could go where some of these knives go!
And it's a great honor to make for them.
I consider it a partnership, between weapons maker and warrior.
Cool, huh?