Use of a traditional slipjoint in the forest, in three parts, as a survival knife, by vinniesdayoff

Jul 3, 2014
Just a couple of observations for what it's worth...
1. Some of these debates come down to a matter of size. If I have a big knife, I'll make a bigger shelter and a bigger fire faster...and it'll stay working effectively in a dirty, harsh environment. If I have a smaller knife, I'll make a smaller shelter and a smaller fire maybe a little slower...and I'll worry a lot about keeping my knife clean. Three cases I really like a larger fixed knife...exceptionally muddy or dusty environments, hardwood areas (that's been mentioned), and when it's really cold to the point where my fingers lose some dexterity. It's a fun challenge to see what you can accomplish with a small knife, or a box cutter, or a razor blade, or whatever you might have on you.
2. We talk a lot of the old timers and their smaller knives. I'm right there with grandfather did everything in life (hunting, fishing, daily tasks) with a small folding knife. He didn't even own a fixed blade knife. But I never saw him build a survival shelter, make a survival fire, or do other survival things. I understand "bushcrafting" has been around for a long time, but I feel if I had this discussion with my grandfather, I would have got a "I lived through the Great Depression..." lecture. At which point he usually schooled me on the true meaning of survival.
Nov 23, 2016
Some have seen the videos, some haven't , but hey, they are worth a watch if you have about an hour or so.
Have fun, and enjoy the nice use of a long handled peanut friend this guy has, with a shorter blade and no bolsters.
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I have watched these vids and this dude gets a lot of work done with a simple small poket knife. He proves you dont have to have a Rambo knife to enjoy time in the woods. A small sharp blade works just fine.
Feb 7, 2007
I do have one because you graciously sent it to me. :)

And the pins look different in the picture from the one in the video. Or maybe this one was remade? I don't know.