Uses for neck knives? (fng question)

Feb 21, 2001
As a newbie, I'm curious about how most of you use neck knives. Hidden/exposed? outdoor/everyday? As emergency backup? The legalities if worn concealed? Basically the whole idea or history, and why they are carried. I've been lurking for a couple of months waiting for some other fng to ask the question and look dumb.
I wear a Livesay N.R.G.S. when I go fishing. I enjoy the convenience of being able to just yank it out when I want to cut something without digging in my pocket. When I am in public places, I usually wear it under my shirt just to keep from getting strange looks from folks who are not knife freaks and don't understand. I'm not sure about the legality of having it concealed.
You MUST be think we actually USE all these knives we talk about ??!!

I honestly can't think of a case where I would a)see the need to wear one, and b)be prepared for the crazy looks if I did. But...that doesn't mean I don't want to get one! Just...bacause.

Seriuosly, by way of personal example I was considering getting the CUDA ArcLite, but because it's sheath is pretty limited to neck carry, I think I want the Stiff KISS MDP instead. It's sheath can be clipped on a boot (not that I wear boots that often) or on a backpack (not that I go backpacking) or a belt (OK, I do wear a belt).

Example #2: I don't go fishing that often (ocean party boats) but last year I had a cheap folder with me. I used it once, and my buddy borrowed it twice. I figured a small fixed blade would be more handy on a moving boat, so I picked up a used Cold Steel Ready Edge here at the Sale forum. It's small enough that it could actually be more of a keychain knife than a necker, but I set it up on a length of ball chain for my neck. I haven't worn it yet, but if it comes in handy just the few times a year I go fishing, it will be well worth the $10 I paid for it.
Knives can be for either convenience, or for defense/necessity--depending on the current set of circumstances a person encounters. When knives are kept in different locations, the odds are better that one will be there when desired. Around the neck is just another location. I hate digging around in crowded pockets for a knife too. A clip, pocket, or belt knife is not always possible or comfortable when wearing shorts, for example.
Well, I wear one of our "Featherweights" everyday in the shop...I don't take it off to go to the store or post office or bank and so far no one has said anything to me about it...

Of cource I don't live in the big city so that may make a difference...

Mostly I don't like carrying things in my pocket due to a damaged nerve in my around the neck is very handy for me...Your mileage may vary

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...but because it's sheath is pretty limited to neck carry, I think I want the Stiff KISS MDP instead...</font>

A neck sheath doesn't necessarily limit you to neck carry, either. I like to loop the strap of my CRKT Stiff KISS through itself to attach it to my belt over my back pocket. The sheath then fits in the back pocket (handle up, of course -- the cord is long enough). Drawing the knife is easy, and the cord pulls against the sheath as the blade is drawn free. The sheath then just hangs off my belt until I go to resheath the knife.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RH:
Seriuosly, by way of personal example I was considering getting the CUDA ArcLite, but because it's sheath is pretty limited to neck carry,</font>

Thought you might be interested to know that the holes on the ArcLite's sheath are designed to fit a mini-TekLok belt clip. You can buy one from Blade-Tech ( for under $10, screw it on yourself, and have an extremely versatile (multi-position) belt sheath. I like to wear mine inverted on my right hip.

--Bob Q
I think of a neck nife as a small utility knife that you carry around your neck some of the time.

But that same knife can live in a pocket, be static lined to a belt, heck, you can even carrry it horizontal or vertical on your belt, with the proper loop.

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I was looking at the TekLok option, but it looks kind of bulky to attach to the sheath. The integral nature of the CRKT holes/slots/steel clip/belt clip setup seemed to tickle me more, plus I can opt to get the neck Peck and have the same versatility.

You know how it goes, though...I could very well end up owning both!
Neck Knife uses?

My ARCLITE breasted out a couple of dead wild turkey gobblers today

I was field testing you understand....God, I love this job!

Stay Sharp!
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As soon as it arrives, a Cold Steel Para-Edge knife that I bought here on the "Knives For Sale" forum will be hanging around my neck.
I've never seen one "in person", but it looked to be a handy little knife for $20, (including shipping).

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Phillip and I have a good customer who swears by our neck knives. He wears one of our model 39 neck knives just about 24 hours a day. He is a full time paramedic and the neck knife gets used every day. He has informed us that he has used the knife to cut clothing, seatbelts, rope, and various other things.
In some cases the accessibility of the neck knife makes it a much better choice than reaching for his medic shears. On one occassion he informed us that his neck knife cut the clothing from a severely burned man when the medic shears would not.

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I wear one when Im wearing a thong speedo on the beach. no place to clip my CQC7. HA HA just another bad attempt at humor Happy Easter every one
I hate a post thats makes me question my reason for buying a knife
I just know that I like having it there just incase, that and it keeps me awake during long boring meetings. Hell, sometimes I think people end the meeting early just because I start playing with it, lol

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RH:
I was looking at the TekLok option, but it looks kind of bulky to attach to the sheath.</font>

I'm a big TekLok fan. Despite the way they look by themselves, I find that they add very little bulk when attached to a belt and sheath. All of my belt sheathes and holsters use TekLoks.

--Bob Q
Mochiman is all over this one. You got neoprene waders on, you need the ArcLite hanging around your neck. Just reach up and pull, it's there. You don't even have to worry about getting it wet.

I wear shorts all year round. Not having pockets is no excuse for me to be without a good knife. I also wear coveralls at work, and a neck knife allows me to shuck the coveralls and keep wearing the knife.

One bad thing about a knife carrying guy who wears coveralls is that sometimes he takes off his coveralls and leaves his pocketknife in the pocket, then the coverall guy comes around and picks up a batch. Does he check the pockets and give back your knife? Nope. Do the people at the coverall company clean out the pockets and notice where the knife may have came from? Hell no. They just say "Hey, check it out... I scored a knife, finders keepers." Then you might call up there and see if they found your knife and they lie like the sacks of dung they are and swear "Oh no, Mr. Velitrius, no knife by the name of Carson ever came through here, but we'll look." And you know darn well they got it in their pocket the whole time, and you are thinking of running up there and stringing one of them up, just to see which knife he pulls from his pocket to cut himself down.

Not that anything like that ever happened.
I'm kind of in a hurry, so if I'm repeating any replies, sorry. Anyhow, about 3 months ago I was helping a friend move, and when you move a knife comes in very, very handy for cutting tape, rope, cardboard, whatever. Anyway, it was a very, very hot day, and I was just wearing these shorts and a t-shirt and most any pocketknife would have dragged my shorts down to an annoying degree. I was at my friend's house, so I wasn't really in a very public area (the burbs) so my little Cold Steel ready edge came in extremely handy, which I did wear outside of my shirt for the whole project.
I made up a small chain for my little Carson F4, about 8" long with a clip from a keychain.
Clipped to my waistband or belt loop, it 'hangs' in my pocket. For added security I can clip the clip back on the chain. Today I took a hike and it was clipped around the belt of my butt pack and zipped into the pack. Usually it's around my neck though.

(Hey Michael, I was wearing your Wharncliffe too!)