Usual Suspects II

Oct 8, 1998
<font color=blue>A while back, I scanned an [uncrushed] EKI Box, and I think I did it at 1200 DPI, then I saved it as a BMP File so I could paint it, take the gloss off the black and make it flat. [The box is glossy].

So, after seeing the good, old "Usual Suspect" thread tonight, I decided to play with the same file that had later been converted to JPG, and add something and then paint it so it matched, then reconvert it back.

You think this would make a cool T-Shirt next year in Atlanta?

I think it might look nicer with the words"THE USUAL SUSPECTS" in bold, and red right below the logo in one straight line....:p
That would loot cool on the back of the shirt. Maybe with a small CQC6 on the chest.

We would have to get official permission for use of the Trademarked Emerson Logo of course.
I think I would still prefer, "A Usual Suspect." And I don't think Ernie would have a problem with it if it was among ourselves and we were not selling it. (I'm not his Spokesperson though, he might despise the idea of it for all I know...key word, "think.")

I think "A Usual Suspect" would also eliminate any Trademark infringement on the part of the movie as well.

(Especially since we ain't criminals either...)
Cool Idea Don.

I support your idea of 'Usual Suspect' to sidestep trademark infringement. Plus, it reads better. Also, 'Usual Suspect' might be in a similar font as "EMERSON" and extend the width of the triangle legs.

I can work up a full scale proof of the T-shirt. I can also make the screen print film and get a good price on the screen printing as well. We could mock up two shirts; one black shirt with red and white lettering (maintaining EKI's colors) or a simple white shirt with single color black letters (cheaper to produce).

Then we post these mock ups and vote which style (and production cost) the forumites want to go into live production.

All of this, of course with express premission of EKI. I'm not sure how to gain the clearances, I just print stuff. There's a whole squad of lawyers that are one floor above me that handle that stuff. ;)

If EKI takes issue, I would respectfully step off the project.


Maybe we can get them as buttoned golf shirts or those polo thingies.

I see an idea coming together :)

Ross T.
The more I look at it, the more I like the font style for the Usual Suspects part, just to read, "Usual Suspect" or "A Usual Suspect." But with the same font as a nice contrast to the Emerson Logo...


Black Polo Shirt huh? Must be is very cool. How about this on the pocket? You know, where the little whatever logo usually goes?

Black Polo Shirt!
I'd take two of them, no hesitation.

I don't "do" T-shirts, as you can't hide anything interesting under them without printing big time.

So what does the ideogram say Don?
Originally posted by Ken Cook
So what does the ideogram say Don?

I would like to be able to offer an Emerson Knife to whomever figured out the Kanji, but since I am a greedy bastid, everyone together gets a total of 3 guesses. Just for the fun of it.

Not everyone taking three, the first three to try and get it wrong, I'll tell you what it is...


What is my passion about Emerson Knives? Sometimes in Chat I have referred to myself as, "The ___________."
Becareful there as my Chinese translator explained to me that it means 'owner of balls' ! :D
Then again, my Japanese translator is out at work so I cant get that side of the translation.

Nevethertheless, is that what you wanted to say? :D
Warmest wishes,
Okay Don!
Go ahead and start boxing that knife up!
Knowing that ideograms, kanji, what have you are all basically highly stylized pictograms, actually illustrating the word or phrase it is conveying, I have determined that the ideogram you show says;

"Golfer tries to hit blackbird on telephone pole"

It just MIGHT mean, Tsu nami, and yes, that's my guess.

Originally posted by Don Rearic
The more I look at it, the more I like the font style for the Usual Suspects part, just to read, "Usual Suspect" or "A Usual Suspect." But with the same font as a nice contrast to the Emerson Logo...

No problem Don. I'll create a few alternate designs along your basic idea, (you get final say, cause it's your idea) with the Usual Suspect in a contasting font similar to the movie's logotype. (the visual tie-in will be a good inside joke)

I'll research the cost breakdown for black polos. It will be more than T-shirts, but were classy guys; just witness J. Hollister's mugshot thread.

There's a new sewing/ embroidery machince that reads a computer vector file format and stitches the design onto the fabric. I've seen little booths set-up at the super malls. I can make the logo file to work with these machines.

The may be a commercial company that can do the same thing on a larger scale. More research required.

Prehaps I can find a Black Aloha shirt for Ken 'Hula shirt' Cook. :)

I'll guess I'll start the production research.

Hey, Maybe Joel Pirela may have some insight on a graphics project such as this.

-More to come,
Come on now, one more guess, it took me an hour to find two Japanese Kanji for what I wanted to say...2 Kanji, 2 words. Emerson Knives...

UPI, Bwahahahahahahahahaha, never has a typo brought a Legend to bear...and massive amounts of laughter.

One more guess...and it would be massive cool on the pocket.
Oh Great 'WAVE MASTER' (NAMI NUSHI or HASHU) I have broken your sacred code. Let me enter the portal whence I shall Win the Promised Treasure.

Warmest wishes,
PS Translated of course from Japanese Language. Careful of the Chinese translation above :D
Can I now apply to you the above Chinese translation Istead? :D

Warmest wishes,

Now, isn't truth stranger than fiction? I am a Wave Master and it just so happens that I am in fact, "Owner of Balls" as well. :D