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Valiant Company Bad Business

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Jul 10, 2006
I'm sorry but it's true. I "purchased" a golok from Valiant Comapny through their online store two months ago. They took the money from my account in a matter of days with only one email receipt. I waited awhile knowing that it was an overseas purchase, after about a month I emailed Valiant requesting information about my order with no response. I then posted here on the forum asking about the company's communication. That resulted in learning about the company's computer and internet problems. That's fine I understand that computers break it's the nature of business. It's now been two months no golok no emails no contact no nothing. Now I'm not too worried about the money I'd rather have the golok. I would like to have any type of response from them. It's hard to believe that a company could have this much trouble that lasts this long. Two months is a little long to not respond to someone when you already took their money.