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Vanishing point and desk set still available


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Dec 18, 2002
Pilot vanishing point. Only inked a few times. Gold nib, black with silver accents. Nib is broad (writes like a slightly wide medium). Comes with ink converter. These are the coolest fountain pens. $100 shipped

Desk set-pen only inked two or three times. Writes nice. Excellent looking set. Box lid warped so priced accordingly. $35 shipped CONUS paypal G&S only. Open to trade offers. Could use a new pm2
My ex bought these for me; if it weren't for my frugal nature I'd drop them in a volcano. Well, that and there are no volcano's in Colorado.

All offers either PM or email to ebushnell at gmail please

20190207_085254-1209x1612.jpg 20190207_084557-1209x1612.jpg 20190207_084616-1209x1612.jpg 20180910_172435-756x1008.jpg 20180910_172452-756x1008.jpg
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LO, thats funny. You mentioned no volcano's in CO. and I put a link to one.......It got moved to weird stuff... Nobody gets my sense of humor....
Are there many people using this type of pen? I've seen a few for sale here and now its got me curious. Whats the attraction to them, or advantage?
Fountain pens? They are amazing to write with. I find that I write nicer with one. I have one from the 1950's that writes smoother than a pilot gel pen. When i was in college I did almost all if my note taking with one.

And theres a volcano in Colorado? Great, now Ive gotta move.