Want do you all do for a living?

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Oct 4, 1998
When people say they check the forum at work. and stuff I assume they are office people. But most knife people I know work outside or in other things that are dirty jobs.

They also don't like computer's
The reason I ask is, are the people on this forum the average knife person or not?

I am a electronics tech. in maintenance in a factory. They make filters(if you ever bought anything from autozone you got stuff from us we supple all of there filters)

I would like to know what you all do. Some of you are full time knife makers but what about the rest?
I'm a:
1. Part time knifemaker
2. Bank President
3. Mayor of a small Texas city
4. Commercial pilot with instrument, multiengine flight instructor rating
5. Doting grandfather

Not necessarily in the above order.

Ben R. Ogletree, Jr.
Part time Knifemaker
President "American Knife Throwers Alliance"
Professional Knife Thrower
Supervisor for Buildings and Grounds at The Worlds Largest Naval and Maritime Museum
USS Yorktown
Also currently trying to build my new home which is Approx 90% complete, other than that I don't do much.

Bobby Branton

"Have Knives Will Travel"


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Well, I can't compete with the above, but I'm still a knife lover, CPT in the United States Army and an expecting father.

I use to have a great job in a SF unit doing all kinds of "fun" stuff for Uncle Sam, but I'm currently a pencil-pushing Training Officer.



Former Marine

Director of Operations for a 83 year old Catering, Gift and Flower Company

(stated in order of importance)


Single parent

Retired Naval Officer

Deputy Chief of Supply at an Air Force B-1B Base

Lover of all that is good in life

...as R Heinlein said "everything in excess, moderation is for monks"


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

Well at the risk of being boring:
I'm a full time student, and have taught outdoor skills lo these many summers.
I got interested in the benchmaking of knives a couple years ago when I said to myself " I think I can do this ". However, to pay the bills I am a meteorologist at National Severe Storms Laboratory where I help develop warning decision support tools for the National Weather Service. I also do applied research regarding the identification of severe weather and tornadoes using Doppler radar. Computers (i.e. there use)are a large part of my work thus no techno-phobia here. Also, along with my wife, expecting our first child.

Chef/Restaurant owner

(I get to use knives to make a living...Hahh, hahh!)

Father of 2 boys
US Coast Guard Officer
Physician Assistant



I'm a salesman for a major appliance manufacturer. I travel a lot and that's why I carry my Spydie Endura II daily.

I was previously a gun nut, but with the spiraling prices of handguns here in the Philippines, I decided to shift to knives. Besides, I can't order a Glock over the net, can I ;-) ?
father of a two year old son
full time police officer
partner in a web design company http://www.knoxplace.com

Professor of (um..) English (Don't worry, I can't spell or use correct grammar.)
Father of two (half-Japanese) girls

Foreman on an electrical crew
Work on many state and federal jobs
Hunting is my first love .....then knives second...is that a sin????
married, own an industrial/occupational safety consultation business,own one small farm(as a hobby and sometimes tax advantage)
I have made one knife- I keep it hidden in a drawer in the garage.
For a living I own World Of Weapons.
For fun I like to SCUBA dive, Play Quake II, read the forums, travel and in general have fun.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I'm a Unix Systems Administrator (which I really enjoy, kinda like getting paid for a hobby
I'm into collecting knives (both old and new autos find a home in my display cases) and have a lot of fun tracking them down at knife/gun shows, knife club meetings, and especially here on the Net.


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