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Want to trade Spyderco Bushcrafter 2nd.(withdrawn)

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Oct 7, 2008
This one here was hand picked for the smallest cracks possible.
Which was one hairline crack that ran from the front pin directly down to the tang. About 1/2 inch (not very deep either). The crack was filled with a rubber CA and sanded.
The crack is barley even noticeable in person, it turned out really well.
To the untrained eye, the only tell tale sign that it's a factory second is the tiny notch they put on the right side of the spine.

The tang protrudes from the handle just enough feel it in some places. Nothing a little sanding wont fix, that is if you feel the need to do it. As it does not protrude enough to make your hand or thumb uncomfortable. I can just barely get my nail to catch on the tang and only on the few high spots.

Other then that and the few scratches on the blade from my one time use, the knife really is in good shape and would make an excellent user for someone.

Comes with it's box and papers.

If your interested in it and want to see more detailed pictures of the blade or handle feel free to PM or Email for them.

As far as what I'm looking for, I'd really like to try out the ZDP caly 3 or another Spyderco camo military.

Feel free to send me any interesting offers.




Here is the picture of the only crack.


I'm not in a big hurry to let this one go. I'm more or less just seeing whats out there.
Gonna keep this one in the family.
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