Washed and dried my Ritter Minigrip

May 4, 2013
Yep, cold water, gentle cycle and into the dryer on delicate! By mistake of course. It was clipped in the pocket of a pair of jeans. Didn’t realize it until I heard it clanging around in the dryer. Went to see what the racket was and discovered my fully opened minigrip being tossed around with the clothes. No real damage, a screw missing from the pocket clip which I recovered in the lint filter and a slightly dulled blade. Light oiling, replaced and tightened screws and ten minutes with the Lansky sharpening system and fine diamond hone and she’s better than new. Dangerously sharp!
Just thought y’all could use a laugh at my expense.
I’m sure you weren’t the first to do that.
I came close a few times myself.
You might have a few cuts in whatever clothes were in the machine with it.
Before I eventually lost it (though I think it may be in my home) I think my CRKT Eros was washed at least a half dozen times. The damn skinny little titanium needle of a thing was so light (~1oz) that it was really easy to miss.

My Bugout has only been washed once, by comparison.
I’ve been lucky so far. Had a few close calls, but none of my blades went through the wash yet. Though, I washed my damn wallet one time and that was mess. I think I’d rather wash one of my knives.
Never my wallet or my knives, but at least twice did small wrenches end up in the washing machine. I usually just carry a screwdriver, small slim pipe wrench and a set of hex keys on me at work. Occasionally I need a small size 6, 7, 10 wrench and grab it from my tool kit, use it, then slide it back into my work pants, forget about it and bring it home. :rolleyes: Clank Clank Clank.
Sooner or later it going to happen, knives, keys, wallet. Yes, and even a cell phone. So easy to forget something in cargo pockets.
The knives I washed weren't the worst--try leaving a purple crayon (young kids at the time) in a cargo pocket. Those cargo pocket of those shorts is still stained purple today.
My Delica is even better. Wahsed and dried. No blade openning no missing screw :p

Ritter grip/minigrip are great knives. Regret that I did not buy the mini:(
Yup, I was missing my REI exclusive Benchmade 940-1701 for a couple of weeks. I looked everywhere and was ready to write it off. But one morning I put on a pair of work pants found it in its proper spot as if nothing had happened. That was a good day.
A few Spyderco Ladybugs have been through my washer. Never had one open up which is a little surprising. But a good surprise!
My Delica is even better. Wahsed and dried. No blade openning no missing screw :p

Ritter grip/minigrip are great knives. Regret that I did not buy the mini:(
I did this to a delica too. Was totally fine and smelled like fabric softener after :)
Back when I used to regularly carry my Boker Keycom it got washed on a regular basis as it's so small I would always forget it was clipped to a pocket. Say what you will about AUS-8 steel but it sure handles a wash and dry cycle like a champ.
I wash my blood pressure meds I forget to take in my pocket sometimes.
Don't worry, your all right :thumbsup: