Watches and Hinderers

Bad picture, but great combo. GShock Atomic/Solar Men In Smoky Gray Mudman, with 3" XM18

Fine looking watch paired with a fine looking XM Ross! That must of made for a fine day ;)
Thanks guys, but unfortunately it's a dud. Wound it and wore it watching the kids today and going to the park and it wouldn't go for longer than 30 minutes before it died. Now I can't even hand wind it to get it going. When I hear back from Steinhart it's on it's way back to Germany for fixin'. Kinda a bummer but hopefully it comes back better than new.

I hear the the rotor turn when I shake it and it feels to be fully wound but something is either lost lubrication or the main spring is bunched up or something is keeping it from unwinding.

Well, sad update. Received my watch back today. Set it, put it on my wrist and went about my day. Walking around after lunch and other walking around work I probably walked for 1.5 hours and I generally move around at my desk a good bit. After 6 hours I looked down and it had been stopped for about 10 minutes. I had just gotten back into my office from walking over to the building next door too so I believe that the rotor is not winding the watch. Sent them an email informing them that I would like to return the watch for a refund. I really like the look and feel of this watch but to wait a month to get a broken watch back really isn't something I will put up with. Maybe I'll just make do with my Citzen Eco-Drive that has been going strong.
^ Ahh that's a bummer ACAK. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will be issued a refund and can use it to buy something worth the money.
Brian.......I am very sorry to hear that.......I know how disappointing that must be.......
It's a real shame......
I've got the same watch more or less, Meluk. I'd snap a photo but I'm out of town and without my knife. I wear a rubber strap on mine, but really like that one. Where'd you get it?
Beau that is an amazing Panerai. Love the crusader FT also!!! Congrats on finding that buddy.
I love it. I'm on the same quest for a trit eyed skull filler tab. Not an easy score.