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Weekly Round-Up


You have GOT TO BE KIDDING. This person still lives???

Man you must be one even tempered SOB.

I think at the very least this person owes you a new knife!!!

Take Care,

My most recent purchases were three Kershaw Stark Ridges(one ti, and 2 g-10) Really a great knife for the money. Also purchased two reconditioned Gerber multitools(20$ a piece...to good to pass up)I'll use them as Christmas gifts and continue to use my Leatherman. Purchased a Camillus LevRLock, just for a conversation piece. I plan to order a full size blk ti plain Socom and mini afck blk ti plain in the near future. I think I'm addicted to knives!
I'm looking forward to receiving a new full size AFCK M2 Plain Edge and a large Sebenza from NW Cutlery. Also broke down and ordered a BM large plain edge Emerson CQ7 while I can still get one at a reasonable price. Being a long time mini-AFCK user I wonder how the Emerson design will be...
I just recently received a Spyderco Howard Viele model.I'm very impressed,it is very smooth opening,excellent quality.Thanks,Ralph
This weekend: Dalton California special "Red" and mother of pearl Case Trapper.
Just got back from the Custom Knife Show with a large decorated Sebenza and an Al Polkowski CQ Fighter. My former best friend, who accompanied me, dragged my ass out before I could deplete my bank account.

It was my first knife show. I was like a kid in a candy store. I'm sure you guys understand.

Just kidding about the "former" best friend thing, by the way. I'm not that sick. I still love my friends more than my knives.


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The fever has caught! I've jumped on the Sebenza bandwagon; recently purchased an Emerson Commander and Benchmade Stryker. Also have a Black Cloud Knives (Szabo) Bush Sword on order and plan to get MD Pygmy ATAK and another Bud Nealy Pesh Kabz for X-mas.

I might add, that those looking for an incredible duty folder should look at the Emerson Commandr...incredible blade and feel. Coming from the military point of view, a very usefull blade.

MT HALO 2 (black blade), BM Auto Stryker (Black Ti) and a part serrated GT auto. Also got in a FB blank to work on, along with some scale materials (Malichite, sugalite and some stag from a good friend).

Hi! My name is Andy and I am a knifeaholic.
Just today (10 minutes before having to go to work) i got two non-catalog blade blanks of Bob Engnaths via Ron Ruppe' . Thanks Ron! One long elegant d.e. and one short fat d.e. Now comes the fun of finishing the blades and choosing handle materials. So many choices...
Chance, What kind of FB did you get and from whom?
Antonella, what kind of custom fb did you get from Madpoet? Nice guy, Mel, full of info and willing to share it.
Tom ...no I'm NOT a knifeaholic! I can quit anytime..no really. I can I tell you!!aahhhh!!!
Got a small (3" clip) ATS 34 FB from a catalog (K&G). Need the practice. Haven't done one for a long time.

BTW, the reconstituted gemstone is pretty nice stuff. A tad brittle, but nothing loke actual stone. You can work it with wood working tools, just need to be careful about breathing the dust and handling it to avoid chiping, bullseye, etc.
It's been a long time since I bought a knife. Too long. I can't even remember when was it. I could just look at the receipt, but I'd just depress myself. I'm going to my local knife store tomorrow to check out the new stuff and say "Hi" to my friends (Seal Knife 2000 from SOG, The Next Generation Ka-Bar and many, many more). I just need some money so I can take them home with me.