Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.


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Oct 2, 1998
Welcome back!

As you can see, there's been some changes around here. Hopefully y'all like what you see.

Known issues / stuff that's getting fixed (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS POST AS IT WILL BE UPDATED):

Email notifications- this is an issue with google not properly doing the mail because we've moved servers. We have request updates pending and they should take effect shortly many domains fixed. Still working on others. Have to reenable DKIM / DMARC. Yahoo.com / GMX.de addresses having faults

Possible issue with 2 factor authorization being enabled on accounts that did not ask for it.

Search engine is rebuilding. Please be patient
- "Post areas" section of member profiles showing where you are most active is a function of the search engine. It will be returning

Forum categories missing from top navigation bar, they will be readded ASAP

Issues with the new image uploader. Will be investigating this when possible

Banner ads are temporarily disabled as I track down other issues. They will be fixed.

Usability requests to be done when I have time:
- Page navigation showing up at top of threads when in mobile done
- Change font color for last page number in Grey theme
- Change font color for feedback in Grey theme

More to come

Edit: since some of you are curious about what's been fixed
Fixed avatars not displaying properly
Attachments work and resize automatically
Paid subscriptions work
Updated mail to verify domain with google
Resolved 2 factor issue, may have lingering issues.
Resolved upload graphics issue
Resolved feedback not displaying for some membergroups
Resolved feedback unable to be left for some membergroups
Enabled PWA installation for site: you can now "install" BladeForums as a Progressive Web Application in your browser.
Minor template edits to fix styling issues
Added Moderator & User Essential Add-Ons to increase functionality
Gave various usergroups ability to lock own threads
Gave various usergroups ability to post polls
Gave various usergroups ability to ban users from own thread!!!!!!
Conversations can now be exported
There *should* be a status bar notification in inbox, maybe?
Added ability to self-disable your own profile if you rilly rilly don't like being here.
Dark mode / Night mode and Dim / Grey modes added, activate by going to bottom left and choosing whatever style you want
Added Paid Subscriptions and Knife Exchange to top NavBar, disabled Memberlist and Home options (home redundant with Forums being default home landing page)
Reported bug with hiding online status was false alarm
Page number navigation added to top of threads for mobile users
Image uploader limits change to 2k resolution & 2mB file size.
User request: post count & join date readded under userinfo in postbit
Elastisearch fixed, search indices rebuilt, post areas restored


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Jul 23, 2009
Also wanted to come in and say thanks for all the work you do to keep the site up Spark. I imagine besides the front-facing stuff there's a lot you do in the background we don't know about.


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Jan 22, 2007
My little lightning bolt icon at the top does not appear to be working as it does not smite anything when I click on it. Please let me know when I may begin smiting again.


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Nov 9, 2009
Probably so obvious it should go without saying and that is the feedback, unless I'm overlooking it someplace within our new profile.


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Oct 2, 1998
Thanks for the hard work you've been putting in, Spark. We all appreciate it.