Off Topic What’s this knife/sheath sitting on?

Is it a rope fixing/rigging device like an ATC?
Safeblock! That’s what it’s called! Lol. Slipped my mind.

Or in other words…a friction brake.
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You even got the name brand there Coleman. It is indeed an x rigging safeblock


Once upon a time…I was a climber. Boulder, sport, trad and ice. I still ice climb every once in a while. While I never used a safeblock, I had seen them before. Took my mind a little while to remember what it was called. Haha.

That was a great one, A.

Here’s a couple of photos of me from days gone by…
Abseiling (Rappelling)
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You know WW it's a mystery to me why these things even exist or why any woman would use them but alas, my wife enjoys a bit of color on her toes every now and then. These were just sitting there and I thought 🤔 "they'll either get it right away or never". 😀 Coleman did not disappoint.