Off Topic What’s this knife/sheath sitting on?

Carpet underlay. Mike drop. Hahahaha!

(Oh I do hope I’m correct. 😅😅)
It’s not shower liner is it?
This is a good one GmpaJim GmpaJim

I’ve seen this stuff before and cannot put my finger on it yet.
I for sure thought it was carpet underlay…the old stuff. Ripped a bunch of that out in my time.
I would like to use a lifeline, Regis. 😂🤣
Some wives might know, one of your friends might know, but wouldn‘t mention it at deer camp!
(we‘ll get this tonight)
I think Coleman got it just before I posted my wrong guess. A YOGA MAT???? 🤔

I hadn't seen that last avian clue.

The clues were super helpful. If it wasn’t for the clue about deer camp…I may have been guessing all night! Haha.