What are your top 5 EDCs??

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Niddler1, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. AusLoX


    Jan 23, 2015
    TAD dauntless MK4
  2. Wurrwulf

    Wurrwulf Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 3, 2015
    Work knife: HK Mini Axis
    Rotational (Lunch/Coin Pocket): Buck 55 Rotational (Lunch/Coin Pocket): GEC Little Jack Che Chen Rosewood
    Rotational (Lunch/Coin Pocket): Case Peanut CV Yellow Delrin
    Rotational (Lunch/Coin Pocket): SAK Executive
    Rotational (Lunch/Coin Pocket): Case Pocket Worn Bermuda Green Texas Toothpick
  3. MulliganAl


    Dec 22, 2015
    Where-O-where did you have that scale made, that with the blue Ti screws is sweet!? The others are nice also.
  4. hatchettjack


    Aug 4, 2015
    1. Benchmade 810 Contego perhaps the best knife ever made!

    2. Cold Steel large Recon 1 a beast of a knife!

    3. Cold Steel Code 4 tanto. Just an awesome EDC!

    4. ZT 0566 a
    Small and beefy flippen machine!

    5. Benchmade 275 Adamas. Possibly the 2nd most awesome knife ever made!
  5. AusLoX


    Jan 23, 2015
    Got the scale off the bay. The Ti hardware came from the bay, as well, as a set.
  6. timberweasel

    timberweasel Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jan 5, 2011
    My top five EDC knives:

    1) Victorinox Rambler: Always on my keychain, useful tools, small, unobtrusive, socially acceptable pretty much everywhere except with airport security.:rolleyes:

    2) Victorinox Pioneer: Affordable, quality build, good-lookin', compliments any other knife I choose to carry (dressy or casual), excellent tool selection, demon slicer, non-threatening.

    3) CRK Large Sebenza 21 Insingo: Sturdy modern one-hander, quality build/materials, simple elegance of design, excellent blade geometry, basic/general maintenance that I can do myself without voiding warranty (HUGE plus, imo), easy on the ol' pants pocket when using the clip, satisfies the inner knife-nut without compromising performance.

    4) William Henry B12 Atlas: For when I want to carry something smaller than my Large Insingo.

    5) CRK Small Sebenza 21 Insingo with micarta inlays: For when I want to carry something smaller than my Large Insingo but feel like a change from my WH Atlas or want something a little more robust.

    Honourable mentions: Spyderco Delica 4, Caly 3, Chaparral. Emerson Mini Commander or Horseman. ESEE Izula 2.

  7. yamsi12

    yamsi12 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 16, 2013
    in no particular order

    ZT 0566bwcf
    ZT 0562cf
    ZT 0770cf
    Kershaw Knockout
    Kershaw Blur s30v
  8. Duper

    Duper Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 5, 2016
    Benchmade 940 with the original green handles
    Spyderco Native 5 G-10
    Spyderco Dragonfly - VG 10 orange FRN
    Mini Grip - 555HG - spydie hole

    SAK Mini Champ in Red Alox rides shotgun with any of these.

    ,,,Mike in Canada
  9. lost_hunter


    Dec 19, 2015
    In no particular order:

    SAK Alox Cadet
    Benchmade 482
    Ontario Rat II
    Benchmade 484-1
    Small Sebenza 21
  10. deltaboy


    Jul 6, 2014
    S&W folding Tanto liner lock, a SAK , a stockman and a Barlow. Sometimes a carry Kershaw, CRTK or COast folder.
  11. microtech85


    Dec 1, 2015
    native 5
    delica 4 ffg

    alox cadet
    alox pioneer
  12. Clem Kadiddlehopper

    Clem Kadiddlehopper Leather Craftsman Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Sep 4, 2012









  13. Texas Steel

    Texas Steel Banned BANNED

    Aug 20, 2015
    Voyager Xl in BD1 for big effing knife needs and defense purposes.

    Talwar in CTS XHP for non working days general use and defense.

    Lone Star Hunter in Aus8A for work days.

    Stretch in ZDP 189

    Custom Mini Griptilian in 154cm

    I really have been carrying the Cold Steels lately due to my concealed pistol license expiring and haven't renewed it yet, but you said 5 knives so.....
    Not pictured is my leatherman ps4 squirt always attached to my keys
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2016
  14. Jurgs18


    Nov 17, 2014
    1. SOG aegis combo tanto lg. Work carry.

    2. Zt 0562cf.

    3. BM rift all black.

    4. Purple lion steel sr1

    5. Vic sak
  15. P_Meticulous


    Apr 28, 2013
    1. Benchmade 531-132

    2. 531-1501 w/ CF

    3. 531-1501 w/ Grivory Scales

    4. 940-121

    5. 941CFV
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
  16. afishhunter

    afishhunter Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 21, 2014
    Buck 110
    Buck stockman
    4 blade scout/camp/Army Utility knife.

    Only four, but it is what I carry every day.
  17. mec003


    Jan 1, 2015
    Ontario rat 1
    Esee izula
    Victorinox cadet
    Leather sidekick
    Spyderco endura
  18. Cursum Perficio

    Cursum Perficio Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    Currently, and subject to change as time goes by:

    For work:
    Manix 2 XL
    Paramilitary 2 S30V DLC
    ZT 0562
    BM 950 Rift
    Military S30V

    At leisure:
    Paramilitary 2 S35VN with custom wood scales
    Military S90V with custom Kirinite scales
    BM 940-1 (because there is no 943-1 yet)
    Sage 1
    ZT 0770 CF M390
  19. Texas Steel

    Texas Steel Banned BANNED

    Aug 20, 2015
    Come on guys i want to see more pics!
  20. Cursum Perficio

    Cursum Perficio Basic Member Basic Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    Okey doke.



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