What box would hurt more landing on your head?

Not an actual event. But there is a key piece of information to the hypothetical scenario which is required to know the answer.
I've gotten 70 lbs of metal in a flat rate box. A good sturdy cardboard box will hold well over 100 pounds. Especially if you use that horrible tape with the strings in it
Hmm then perhaps the next question would be, what's the shape of the metal. 100 pounds of feathers would be flat but 100 pounds of metal could be any shape
Are both boxes made of the same material? I suppose cardboard would be adequate to hold the feathers but not the metal
Good point...how much do the boxes themselves weigh? Or are we to assume the box is the same in both cases?
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For sure double wall corrugated cardboard will hold over 100lbs of metal.

Next we're gonna need someone from the "air resistance will save me" side to do a TikTok video. And to be fair you can start with the feathers.
I theorize that a box with 100 pounds of feathers will hurt less if the feathers are not compressed but loose. The box should have a lot of surface area whichever can give.

A box of metal will transfer most of its energy into the target cranium.
I tried to edit my post to say cardboard box but my phone wouldn't connect for a minute...
Especially if you use that horrible tape with the strings in it

I tried to burn some of that stuff in the wood stove and was quite surprised at how long it took for the "string" to finally turn to ash.