What discontinued models would you like to pick up?

all the kershaws that i have sold or given to friends and they all got GOOD homes but i miss them LOL so lets start off with an leek i currently do not have... ( yes i do have a few...)
Volt 3600, Ti/CF/composite Tyrade, S110V Shallot, 0302, 0150 boot knife. Probably a few more that I'm thinking of, like the 0350CB - though my brother has one.

Oh, and real old...one of the Talons with the bottle opener on the spine.
Another run of the digi-cam 300 series would be nice (cant remember the model#)

A run of digi-cam or splash hinderers would be even better:)
I just picked up a Lahar after wanting one for a long time. Seems that a well known online seller has them in stock again. Not sure why, but made me happy.
I am going to have to add the Kershaw double cross damascus. So pretty it hurts.
Id like this SG2

What discontinued models would I like to pick up? I just did :) Pricey, but it was worth.
I have an extra gold leek PE. 1660GLD That i would part with. Shoot me a pm if your interested.