What discontinued models would you like to pick up?

G and G Hawk Toad

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The model that really bummed me out when it was discontinued is the Storm and Storm II.
One of the most highly underrated models they've ever made. Been EDC'ing mine for almost 10 years now and still love the darn thing.
If I had the money and could find them, i'd buy a case just to have a few spares and some to give to friends and family.

Really? That is the only Kershaw I have ever hated. I can't get to the Friggin flipper! If I find mine buried in my pile you can have it by all means. I'll even ship it to ya fo freez.

The ones I miss?
Offset (had one stolen from me two weeks after I bought it)
And a ZT 500 and 302. I already have one 302. Trying to get another.

Everything else I make due with or have found. Kinda helps being in the "cool" crowd before everybody jumped on the bandwagon.
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I really want a tilt. funny enough i didnt like the design at all and had several chances to get one. Then I just started to really like it right about the time the well dried up.
Damascus zing!

Are they real damascus? I've read more than once from buyers that they were not true. I only have 1 damascus blade, in a Parker pocket folder with a bone handle. My dad took me downtown to a knife shop to pick it up. I was 15 then (1988), and was in awe that my dad was spending $100 for a tiny knife for me when not too long before that I paid under 10 bucks for a huge bowie knife with a hollow core filled with a hook, line, and matches all topped with a bubble compass. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I learned better that day, for then Damascus was beyond exotic, unknown to most collectors other than fanatics. Remember you young cubs, no internet, long distance phone calls cost as much as Ms. Chloe or any other TV psychic.
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500 mudd for me, I've been watching for one and never see them at a reasonable price for something I'm going to carry and use.
I have a composite blade leek... I thought they made a composite blade shallott... that would be a nice pickup