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what does your mom think

recently i got a knife a present from someone who i shall remain anomynous. well, if my mom finds out i have it she will probably say something like "Why do you need a knife, you will only cut your finger off. And they are dangerous." Tell me if you have the same predicament.
Well when I buy a new knife and show it to my mom she usually just says "thats nice". when I tell her the price then she will get mad.

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My mother gave me my first knife, a Boy Scout 4 bladed pocket knife, when I was 8 years old.

I bought my first Microtech (manual SOCOM Tanto) at age 17, and she freaked out saying there's something wrong with me and I needed to see the psychiatrist.

She's been like that ever since.

Leaving her behind in her fearful state, I have moved on to MAD DOGs, Sebenzas, and customs.

Oh well.

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My mom never seemed to mind, as long as there was something sharp around when she needed it.

Then again, she bought a motorcycle as a present to herself when she turned 50, and bought a Ruger .357 "just because I feel better with it in the house".

We're "negotiating" now on an older Winchester 94 30/30 that she hasn't used in years, and let me tell you, the old gal is tough.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

Both my Mom and Wife think I should spend my "Play" money on other things. Of course, after buying treestand #3 last week
my wife said "There goes your knife money for the next few months". Glad she didn't see me checking out the Matthews MQ-32"
My mom doesn't really mind me having knives but she has a problem when I buy a knife. She always tells me, "You're just wasting your money. You need to save your money so you can move out!"
My mom gave up trying to seperate me from knives when I was about 10 (when I got my first paper route and had some money). By age 13 she got me the 17"-bladed Enfield bayonet I wanted for my birthday and went with me to get my machete. Nobody seemed that agitated when my buddy and I would stroll the foothills of Pasadena with 17" blades hanging from our belts. (This was back around 1962). At the same age I took up serious knife throwing. She never even complained much about the silouette targets I used. I did get some complaints about knocking out a hole you could climb through in the back wall of our garage.

Her biggest complaint was if I left razor sharp carving knives in the kitchen sink hidden by soapy water. She got some spectacular cuts that way.

What can I say, the woman was a saint. She died when I was 22. I sure would like to ask her parent-to-parent how she put up with me.
My mom was only initially bothered by the knives. I think making her a decent set of kitchen knives and a very innocuous decorated folder helped considerably.

-Drew Gleason
Little Bear Knives
Just tell little white lies...the only problems I had were when I told her what I spent on a knife!

It can hurt
, to tell your mom that an expensive looking custom knife costs $100, A Sebenza goes for $80, a Microteck Socom goes for $60, and so on

I need a bigger bucket.
Lets just say this.....my mom bought me a CS Trailmaster one christmas...along with that 90 dollar 440a katana.....I love my mom.
My Mother loves me despite my many faults.

Geez, some of you's got great Moms. My Mom is great too even though she thinks my knives are a waste of money. I even gave her a knife so that she would find out how useful knives are and stop bothering me about them. Well, I think I should have given her a prettier knife because I gave her a Victorinox single bladed knife (has a flathead screwdriver/bottle opener on other end) and it was at the bottom of her purse for months. Oh well, just one more knife for me.

My mom doesn't like me owning knives, I tell her its just for utility purposes, but I only carry them for self defense.

My mom really did not like me having various knifes around the house, and then she finally understood that I collect, and I have gotten a few knifes for her. But she still gets nervous when I use my balisong. She says that I will cut my fingers off. oh well, eventually you can change your parrents opinion gradually.
My mom thinks if I like them, that's fine with her. Mom just turned 82. She sent me a knife for my last birthday.
I can never really remember my mom EVER saying a thing about my guns or knives. It was just something you were supposed to becareful with and it was dads job to worry about the details. I can imagine that when my mom saw my first knife (BSA knife) she said something like "Thats nice, where's your dad, run and play now, don't be late for dinner or you have kitchen clean up".
Yup, the times they are a changin'


My mom HATES the knives.. I don't even bother telling her I when I buy new ones, it isn't worth the hassle. She'll use one to cut the steak before dinner, but refuses to both open and close it. She especially dislikes the VG.

"Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless."

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Try pointing out every time you use it. When opening a box say something like "wow, this thing is handy" and so on.
When I was growing up, my mother was dead set against me having any knives or guns. This includes BB Guns. I whined, cried, begged, all to no avail.
I left home at the age of 19, and in the past 20 years, I've amassed a collection of over 40 firearms and more than 100 knives.
Mom doesn't come over the house, but she says she still loves me.
(Somebody tell me how to get one of those fashionably yellow smiley's, please)