What else do knife people collect?

Aug 24, 1999
What else do you collect?

As for me:

1. Leather-bound books (preferably classics)
2. stamps (preferably European postmarked between 1935 and 1945)
3. HO rolling stock and locomotives
4. oddball ammo cartridges
5. CDs of jazz from the 50s
6. CDs of baroque music on original instruments
7. precision tools designed to do highly specialized tasks. Examples: trumpet leadpipe taper measuring device, oboe cork trimming jig, clarinet spring removal pliers, bicycle chain link-removal vice, model railroad gauge tools, harpsichord tuning hammer, etc.

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
I collect knowledge

"Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless."

I seem to be collecting credit cards lately in order to fuel my knife purchases!

Seriously though, the only other thing I seriously collect is fountain pens. I am currently saving a little here and there to buy a Parker Duofold Mandarin from the 1930s.

Pens and Swords! Maybe I am really on to something big here.

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William Pitt, 1783

I collect bills that I have not paid because I've spent all of my money on knives.
I collect Coca-Cola stuff. Old signs, ads, botlles, and whatnot.

"Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle."
Guns, Guns, Guns, Gear, More Knives.....I have a few small collections I came to by chance like Indian Arrowheads. Basically just Guns and Knives. I only buy a gun I feel I "need" for a specific purpose...I'll buy a variety of knives just cuz' I like em'!
Other than knives, Boy Scout Eagle medals and Order of the Arrow flaps from overseas lodges. Also parts for my Harley, my BMW just keeps ticking along!
Looks like our various collecting passions are as eclectic as our conversations.

As for me, besides knives, I enjoy collecting:
* watches (Omega, Breitling, etc.)
* firearms
* coins
* CD's (mostly jazz & classical)
* knowledge
* books (almost every topic)

Cool topic!

I collect:
Railroad wrist and pocket watches
N-scale model trains
Railroad memorbilia
very small collection of firearms
Let's see:
comic books
tattoos & memorbilia
cold cast statues
harley parts-everytime i buy something new for it,the old parts end up hanging around
Fountain pens, both old and current (Duofolds, Pelikan, Omas, etc.) and lead pencils (Duofolds again, Wahl, etc)

Oh, yes...apparently those obnoxious, ubiquitous black nylon sheaths...

Firearms, books and empty beer bottles. Oh wait, I don't collect those I just havent taken them to the recycling center in a few weeks.