what ever happened to the buck Intrepid?


Feb 24, 2005
My Apologies to Midget for my part in the disruption of his Thread! :eek:

I have checked the Buck Collector Club for info and there is nothing recorded for the Intrepid.

Then did a dogpile (like Google) search and there is a ton of info on the Intrepid. Unfortunately there weren't any, that I found, for sale. All sold out.

There were numerous photos and it is an interestign looking knife. You might look at the NightHawk as an option. I am not a Tanto fan so probably wouldn't fit in my user bag. So I won't be bidding against ya on ebay :thumbup: ;)

Hope you find one.
May 3, 2002
I had one a few years ago that I got off Ebay for about $45, so they're going up. I sold it for $50 I think.

I got my current one for $55 or so on Ebay this summer.

Prior to that, I made a WTB post on this forum and somebody offered me two for $75 each, which I thought was too much at the time, but if you're interested, you can do a search and see if whoever it was still has them.

They're super thick and beefy. Very heavy. Very nice sheath too.

If you desire one, you should look hard. You won't be disappointed.:thumbup:

Do a search for "Buck Intrepid" on ebay and add it to your favorite searches so Ebay emails you everytime one's listed. That's how I eventually found mine. That's how I find a lot of things I can't find.

Nov 14, 2004
I really like the micarta handle and particularly the grooves. I'm not really that thrilled about the flat nose on the blade.
May 27, 2004
chickentrax said:
My apologies to Mick57 and LFH and any others I've offended...I'll try to tone it down... :(

Well that's a nice gesture & I'm sorry it got to the point where it was felt apologies we're needed. I've worked in a firehouse for over 26 years, so I think I know a little about busting balls & having fun. I'm 1st in line when it comes to that. But like LFH alluded to, sometimes printed words on a screen don't come across the way they're intended & misunderstandings are the result. It certainly isn't the same as being face to face with someone where you hear & see how something is said. Then it's pretty clear how words are intended. So lets continue to talk knives, have some fun & hope it doesn't get to the point where apologies are necessary.
BTW, has anyone noticed Midget hasn't been around for all of this. He's the trouble making bastard who started it all. :D :D