What folder(s) do you carry with your David Mary Customs?

Aha Dave, the Khukuri that you and I both collaborated on, though if I recall correctly, all really I did was the regrind and handle texturing after you'd made it and owned it a while. And I see you're still rocking the Manix 2 lockback I modded a couple years ago. Excellent! Thank you for posting!
The regrind and handle texturing transformed it into a usable tool . It would not cut or stay in the hand before your much needed modifications
Carrying the GB2 today with the first Wharnificent, my first DM also, while waiting for my newest DM to be delivered later today.
Thank you for the testimonial. That was precisely my goal with these knives. Pack as much performance and ergos for the price that I possibly could into the biggest legal almost everywhere package possible. Cutting cardboard (or anything) should be fun and easy, and not a chore.