What folder(s) do you carry with your David Mary Customs?

I absolutely love well done Micarta. Today I carry my David Mary David Mary EDChef and the October BOTM.
Today, lets say, the Spyderco Alcyone and David's Denim slim slicer.

Off the top of my head, I don't have many, if any, knives with blue micarta. These in the picture are a pleasant color in person and the blue becomes richer/deeper when the knife is handled or used.

Nice choice for the scales, David.

Headed out to do a little bowling with friends. First free time for something like that in a very long time. Regular jeans today with no side pockets so I had to redesign my carry a bit seeing as how my pnohe has annexed my lf pocket. Fixed at 9 o'clock horizontal handle forward. Oal in sheath at 8.75" it's still very comfortable. Ad20.5 in right front with wallet.

Today was almost a tip up dangled badger scout with Black talon 2 kind of day but I think my current choice will do nicely.