What folding lockback knife would James Bond carry?

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    May 20, 2018
    Thanks dear friend,
    Here’s pics of a couple Buck 110 Autos.



    I’d say in the year 2012 ’SKYFALL’ Bond(Craig) uses a traditional type folder (not one hand opening), to cut out the bullet/parts from his shoulder at new MI6 HQ,,,

    We’ve also seen Bond use:
    A diving knife(Thunderball,
    A throwing knife(FromRussiawithLove)

    Briefcase -fixed blade
    Disarms Quarrel’s switch knife in ‘Dr No’

    Can’t remember Bond using ‘HIS own’ auto/switch knife tho...probably he used,,someone pls give movie name/input here
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    Benchmade 485 Shinola Valet!
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    I can’t attach/upload the video, only stills showing Bond opening his folder in SKYFALL, and cutting out the bullet fragments outta his shoulder.

    96E3AB26-C4E3-4B37-B13E-CB23DE03B902.jpeg 30308C38-2B23-4BE2-83E9-944E29A41AE9.jpeg
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    I think he uses the same brand as Bat Man.
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    When I think of what 007 would carry I don’t think of a production knife, or a locking folder. I think a gents knife (slipjoint) by Paul Mason would be right up his alley.
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