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What got you started?

Feb 4, 2000
Ok how or why did you start collecting knives. Did you just suddenly wake up one day and say "I must have knives", was there someone who introduced you to it, or something else. I think mine was my both my grandfathers one was a preacher and had traveled around quite a bit and bought alot of knives back most were flea market pieces but they always interested me. My other grandfather was a butcher and always had nice knives to look at and use.
I've carried a pocket knife as long as I can remember, and I always carried a small (4") Gerber fixed blade when backpacking. For me the collection/experimentation began with knife throwing. My first set of throwers was one of those ultra-cheap, ultra-light sets out of Smky Mtn or Atlanta Ctlry. From there I began to learn about the difference between junk throwing knives and quality throwing knives, while along the way, I also encountered real knives, and began to pick up on the differences in that arena. My first "quality" knives were a Spyderco Delica, then an Endura, then a BM Crawford/Leopard. and now (some 6 years later) I have two Sebenzas! On the fixed blade side, I discovered Newt Livesay, then Bob Dozier (though I have but one of his), and on we go...
I just saw the light...i was born, been into knives ever since, had a hard time getting a hold of'em the first 2-3 years though...

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My knives!
My SAK was broken, so I wanted to visit Victorinox' homepage for information. while searching the web I stumbled over BFC and since then I spend nearly all my hard-earned money on knives. I don't really understand it, I mean I got a knife, I got even several but I can't stop buying new ones... no one told me there wouldn't be a cure for it...

ABout 10 years ago a friend showed up one day with a Spyderco Police, it was the most handy, sharpest, best put together knife I'd ever experienced.

A couple of weeks after that I got a Mariner, because I wanted to be different. I still have it, though it's been much abused.

Started with utility folders, then Hunter/skinner type knives. Lately I've dabbled in some tacticals. Mostly productions with a custom here and there. I mainly trade knives to find users that I really like and then trade some more. Since finding the forums I've been able to get my hands on knives that I could only look at in the stores, online or catalogs.

I have always carried knives. I carried them to use on the farm, I carried them to school (back in the good old days) and used them for what they are, a tool. I guess with age, and inproved income, my tastes have change for better quality knives.
I have always had an a knife or two but when
I bought Jim Keatings "Reverse Grip Knife Fighting", I had to get a Gryphon M 10. That was the beginning of my addiction.... and it continues.
I started collecting knives as a young boy.I had a pretty good collection going before I left home and went in the Marines.
From then on I have had the addiction that we collectors enjoy.


have a"knife"day
My dad.
He gave me my first knife when I was 4. A stockman that I still use it 41 years later. It is about the only thing from my childhood that I did not loose, break or blow up other than a piece of petrified wood. He and I have been at it ever since.
Collector of knives and rocks.

I've always had a "thing" for anything that I could hurt myself with. Knives, guns, women...

I have always been interested in knives.. but I fell off the cliff when I saw the Sports Illustrated with Bob Loveless on the cover!!!!!!

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I've always loved knives,but the bug really bit back in 1990 when I went to a garage sale and bought a Shrade paratrooper knife ( auto with the orange handles )for $1
I was hooked

I don't really know what got me interested in knives. My Grandfather gave me a knife when I was eight, but I loved knives before that. The first time I saw a Loveless knife might have done the trick, because I sure did think it was something special. I saw this knife when I was seven.

I have been carrying a knife on me since I was seven, that's almost 31 yrs now. I didn't become a knife nut, until after becoming a firearms nut. In a word(tital), Gun & Knife Shows is what got me hooked. I use to go just for firearms, now I go for both. RKBA!
I have always had a work knife on my belt a kershaw fully serated carson city i really didn,t have much interest in it unless i needed to cut something then i started looking around on line last year and seen how far knives have come since the old bucks and basic work knives and i went nuts in the last four months i have bought or traded for ten high end pieces most of what i have gotten came from info i got in this forum i am hooked now my wife wants me to stop but i can,t so i have been doing a lot of work around the house to keep her happy and my collection growing


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I've always had a underlying thing for knives, but, what really got me going was my first trip to the knife store....... WOW!!!! And then I fell head over heel over Micarta, G10, AUS8, ATS34, and the list goes on and on.
I needed to cut something that is all it took.
My Father gave me my first knife at
when I was 5, loved knifes ever since.

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i have always been interested in knives,and have always owned one,however low grade they were.
"IT" started recently,last summer.i was with some friends at a flea market and picked up a 6 dollar pos.so i came home and started looking around and found this place (thank god)and here i am today.i was hesitant,very hesitant to spend any amount of money on anything before i started "IT", but after plunking thirty bucks down for a used whirlwind,i was hooked.i recently got a few (2 or 3) customs,and im hooked on those too.soon i might be makin' em...who knows...
Spose I always had the collecting/accumulating propensity. Bout 10 or so years back though it took off in full bloom when I started getting blades instead of more things that go boom. Little did I know I was only trading one addiction for another.