What happened to the 18th Century?


Mar 8, 1999
It was lighter than the Sanu Forward Curvings. It also had a different balance. And back then I thought it weighed a lot. I didn't have the exposure to khuks I do now. Buying another is a ways down on my list, but it *is* on the list. And the Maccha khuk. Uncle needs to get pictures of all the available khuks on his site. The 12" AK almost went bye-bye. Let's not forget the oldies but goodies. And talk Ray into letting you have the Sherpa handled one on loan til you make a model of it.

Rusty, I asked Bill abou getting one and he told me they were discontinued. He said the cross hatching got complaints when it was clean up time. Last time I saw Yvsa I asked him to bring his so I could look at it. Quite nice, of course it was relegated to the floor since Yvsa had his YCS and his home made "blade only" project knife with him. I think I would still like a 18th Century but Bill does bring in a lot of nice models now!

Missing that 18th Century are you Bro?

I understand. I sometimes wonder what I am doing with all these khukuris and then I come back to reality. I don't think I could part with any of them, even for a good trade. Strike that last remark as I recall a trade I made with that Beautiful Little Pointy 17" Village Sirupati for a boatload of well seasoned Bois'D Arc.

I think you have made a good point in Uncle Bill getting all the available HI khuluri's Website. But to put up over 200 different models that's mentioned on the HI Website is gonna take a while. I would volunteer to help out if I knew what and how to do it as well as having the proper equipement to do it with.

I have about all the standard khukuri's that I want for myself right now, But if we could get an accurate copy of that Sherpa Khukuri and one of the little Salyans that's on the HI Logo I would be one of the first in line!!!


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I don't mean you need to stock everything, but if the kamis had a picture or two and a wood model for each, and you had a picture on your site so someone could order one if they really wanted it that would be great. Maybe 3 years from now you might have a demand for half a dozen more 12" AK's.
A catalog? You guys should know better.

To quote Bill, “they are like the leaves on the trees.” Better to make a comprehensive catalog of snowflake designs. The reason it is so hard to stop buying them is that there are no two alike, despite their designations. The “models” morph from one to another. Like beautiful women they have personalities.

Do you want a catalog of women? Do you want a wife like one of the Stepford wives? If you want a khukuri without a soul you can get a manufactured one from an modern factory, and it will be listed in a catalog.
Now that's an idea, have Bill do a gatefold of the month to pin up on the wall, only of a khukuri instead of pretty girls like Playboy. Thanks for the idea Howard!
Hey guys, Uncle's got an online catalog now!

It's great - lists what he has onhand and has pictures and prices on most of them. And how many of what he has!

Go to the HI website and scroll down to the link to "Smoothsale" and click on it. And of course bookmark it or make it one of your favorites. Yeeaahhhh Hooooooooooo!
What would a 18th century cost and how long is the back log? How about one around 23".
It really captures the spirit of an ancient weapon! What would the handle have traditionally been made of? What type of handle construction - like the WWII or the Chiruwa style? I have a thousand questions but this will have to do for now!
Bill, thanks for the info. How much would the standard 19 inch model be?
Would it still have a wooden handle?
Also I assume the weight would be the same?
Was this the typical fighting khukuri of the early Ghurkas during their first king's military conquest?
Is it still possible to get a sheath with a tinder pouch in it?
This must be the first sympton of the HI virus everyone keeps talking about!
Would there be any chance of offering an 18th Cen. without the cross-hatching? This seems like a good solution. I really like my 18th Cen. model and since the cross-hatching seems like the only problem, why not just make it without it.

By the way, Con, the handle on mine is horn, with a spike tang. Weighs a little over 2lbs. Scabbard, karda and chakma are standard HI offerings. If you get one you'll definitely like it.
Just out of curiosity, what is the hatchmark of 18 century khukuri for?

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Mizutani Satoshi
The hatchmarks are a series of angled lines forged into the flats of the blade forming a pattern that looks like alot of connected x's. They run from edge to spine, vertically, and from the tip back to the cho. There are pictures of this on the HI website under "More Khukuris" and also on the Khukuri FAQ under "Traditional Styles" pg1.

I don't know what the hatchmarks are for, they are probably just decorations, though.