What happened to the 18th Century?

And IIRC Uncle Bill has told the story about ordering the 18th.Century without the hatchmarks and the kamis told him, "They were made this way in the past and if we are going to make them we have to make them as they have always been made or they won't be 18th.Century Khukuri's."

I think this was after Uncle Bill got the few without the crosshatch
So much for the control Uncle Bill has over the kamis.

I sometimes think that we as customers can come more near getting what we want than Uncle Bill can.
Only thing is that we have to make a model they can see and touch.


Each person's work is always a portrait of himself.

---- Samuel Butler.

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I don't know guys, I agree with the kamis.
I think the blade crosshatching definetely belongs. It really makes for a savage-looking blade!
Bill, I'll e-mail you about an 18th century later!
Tom, did any good bows come out of that " boat load" Of Osage?
I guess I have the last one of Shop 1 Version of 18th Century --- According to Pakcik Bill it was hid for me from him by Makcik Yangdu --- Now it is one of my treasured Khuk!

I guess BirGorkha should reproduce this 18th Century with it's original character --- otherwise it might lost the touch of it's historical identity --- IM2cO BirGorkha should forge this 18th Century with shallower hatchmark & a more symmatrical angled lines ... a very faint one towards the tip of the Khuk is very much better so that to eliminate the possibility of weakening it --- As I said ... just my 2c opinion ... Kamis knows better than me ... Pakcik Bill?