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What Is Next (10-11-17)???. . . . Solve The Riddle And Win Big Bank!!!!

Discussion in 'Busse Combat Knives' started by Jerry Busse, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Murman

    Murman KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Nov 11, 2015
    Anybody even close boss?

    COPIUOS Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 24, 2015
    This is killing me! I have nothing to offer after reading through each and all posts...
  3. 360joules

    360joules Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 23, 2013
    Not exactly. In response to:

    He said:

    The M is a clue. The name of the font style was not.
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  4. inkynate


    Sep 4, 2010
    I think everyone needs to drink more.
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  5. hexenjager

    hexenjager Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 24, 2016
    True. I should have gone back and looked instead of relying on memory. Then again, it wouldn't be the worst thing that ever happened to my bank account if I am right and that cost me a win here. :D
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  6. u812

    u812 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    The M is the symbol for Scorpio end of Oct birthdays,can't figure that into anything as Jerry is a Libra. Then again the M just means a M. Still a clue just the font style means nothing. So maybe Scorpio could have something to do with it.
    Can't figure this one out and have put a lot of time and thought into it.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
  7. PeteyTwoPointOne

    PeteyTwoPointOne Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jun 10, 2014
    Will, you're a freakin GENIUS!! :cool:

    If this isn't the answer, IT SHOULD BE!!!
  8. LizaMari

    LizaMari Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 16, 2014
    Sauce to the right of the steak sauce = A2
    Fraternity = Brothers
    Nose = Roman (nose) (hey, I'm Italian, maybe why I went there?)= Gladiators = Gladius
    M = Mini

    Gladius mini in A2, Gladius little brother, mini in A2

    Augh....I give up.
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  9. littlehoot

    littlehoot Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 7, 2015
    I now think the M stands.for Magnum.

    I'm running out of ideas otherwise

    ETA: or Mother, as in Mother Of All...
  10. spurst


    Aug 18, 2017
    Custom Shop Gladius Magnum or
    Custom Shop Gladius Magnum in A2

    Craziest Special = Custom Shop (or add on the Original Edition for the O/E).
    M = Magnum
    A1 right = A2
    Fraternity = Greek = Gladius
    Insanity = INFI?
  11. DirtyPhill


    Nov 13, 2007
    Anniversary Gemini Game Warden in A2
    Pork sauce is the A2
    A fraternity has legacies and Jerry's children are Busse future legacies
    And in a separate thread they are sanding the handles on game wardens
  12. u812

    u812 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    Next Gen Team G Game Warden Magnum in A2
  13. u812

    u812 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    If it is a new Game Warden I like the name Hog Warden.
    One that was being sanded was very thick the other was thin.
  14. DirtyPhill


    Nov 13, 2007
  15. lancelot


    Nov 12, 2005
    Didn't have time to make it through 11 pages so apologies if this has already been guessed.

    Gladius in m-infi.

    Fraternity = Gladius.
    M-Infi because of the "m," and because it's not steak sauce but to the right of it, i.e., used by Jerry after A2.
  16. spurst


    Aug 18, 2017
    I like where you're at on this, but I think it would still be a Custom Shop variation given the Craziest Special = Custom Shop piece and his comment about playing off the letters. Hoping you're right. ;-)
  17. u812

    u812 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    With everything in this thread I guess all we can really do now is wait for Jerry.
  18. Busto

    Busto KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Jul 26, 2011
    Truthfully....Original "INFI" was used after A2....The New version is "M-INFI".
  19. StealthCaliber

    StealthCaliber Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2006
    found a solution to keeping my ass out the EExchange, just call amy and have her pre-charge for the op2week items :D
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  20. Dadgummit


    Sep 18, 2013
    I would love to order a gladius. Have you seen the prices the entrepreneurs are asking?!
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