What is the best knife for the money?

deerhunterp, nobody can answer that question for you.

If I had $500 to spend on a folder I'd buy a Sebenza for $385 and put the remainder toward a Spyderco Military(~$125). But you could get a very, very good knife for $50 (Delica) and save the rest. For $35 you could get a Buck 110 and for $20 you could get a KaBar Dozier. Those are all good knives but only you can decide which is right for you.
Consider the Buck Vantage Pro in S30V and G10 for under $50.
You don't need to spend $500 on a knife for EDC.
There are so many other interesting thing out there for $450.

A Para-Military is an exceptional cutter for around $125 and not to big. The Military is scary to the Sheeple.

Quite frankly, the stockman pattern may just be the best all around pattern ever for pocket carry. The Buck Wrangler #307 can be had in the old Camillus pattern all day long for around $55 and its a beast at 4.25 inches.

Put the rest in your college fund. :)
Folder - Opinel or Spyderco Tenacious/Persistance
Small fixed blade - RAT Izula / BK&T BK-11
Medium Fixed blade - BK&T BK-2 / KABAR USMC
Large Fixed - BK&T BK-9
Hey Guyon and others! I would like a full sized knife with a 3-4 inch blade for general EDC purposes. Mostly for boxes... i would be willing to spend as much as 500 (yes five hundred) dollars. Thanks to everyone!

With those constraints, I'd buy two -- large Sebenza (take your pick on model) for general purpose knife chores, and a Vic SAK(take your pick on model) for when you need another tool handy. That's under $500 for the pair.

My actual choices: large regular Sebenza and Vic Huntsman Plus.


im a big fan of the emerson knives, you might check out the CQC-8 for around $170, also the spyderco endura in g-10($100) is a great knife...
do you want a locking blade or could you settle with a slipjoint?

is a clip and thumb stud a deal breaker for you?
Case sodbuster , Case Hammerhead/ Mako, or a Buck 110 or Ranger. All will leave you with a whole lot of beer money left over. Why ruin a good knife for work.