What is the best knife magazine ?

Jun 4, 1999
Since I am from Europe - would like to know about best knife magazine(s) in USA.
Which one to choose ?

Kurdy -- I say get all available mags you can: TK, Blades, Knife Illustrated, etc.; and books, too!

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I prefer Steven Dick's Tactical Knives, though I subscribe to Blade and Knives Illustrated as well. All are guilty of "fluff" articles from time to time, wherein they are not nearly as critical of certain companies or models as they should be -- but one must be careful not to offend one's advertisers, and that's just a simple business fact.

I like Tactical Knives because it provides some input each issue on knife combatives and defensive issues. Blade ranks second-best with me because it's a good general-interest periodical, but takes a very snotty opinion on knife combatives (they refuse to talk about self defense with a blade at all, or at least have stated this editorial policy in the past). Knives Illustrated spends too much time on art pieces and impossibly expensive collector blades that I'll never buy, but it's still fun to read, so it's third choice as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, there's always that newspaper-style thing -- "Knife World," is it? I've forgotten because I don't subscribe to it. It was reasonably enjoyable as I recall from the trial issue they sent me, though.



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I don't really care for any of them. I feel like I'm paying to read advertisements - it's clear that the advertisers call the shots, deciding what gets reviewed and what is said about it. But if you are a maker or interested in what they do, Blade is easily the best. I agree that it's a bit "holier than thou" but it is the most focussed on knifemaking techniques and info, as well as maker interviews and showing off what different folks are doing.

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I agree get them all and take from each one what you can. Despite all the advertising and the happy cheerful reviews they are the only game in town.
I don't subscribe to any of them, and haven't even bought one in a while. The best IMHO is probably Tactical Knives as far as reviews go, they're a little less fluffy than those in Knives Illustrated and Blade. Plus, as has been pointed out, they focus on knives that I can actually afford (more or less).

I buy one from time to time, mostly for the pictures and to look for any new makers, or other makers I haven't heard about online. They're okay, as long as you realize that they're pretty much advertisements cover to cover, including the "reviews." These forums provide *far* more practical information than any of the knife mags. I can't wait for the debut of the BF on-line magazine.


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Tactical Knives, Knives Illustrated, Blade Magazine, etc., etc., get em' all! Can never have toooo many knife / blade mags just like you can never have toooo many knives, either!

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I get all three: TK, Blade, and KI.
My favorite of the three to read, and of course the one I have to wait longest for, is TK (Tactical Knives).
Can't they make this one monthly?

But I like them all for different reasons.
I also get them all. But frankly Ken Warner's Knife Annuals deserve a mention here also. Highly informative articles, deep coverage of diverse topics, lots and lots of info. No ads to speak of.

If I had to choose which magazine I like best , Knives Illustrated gets my vote. I constantly refer back to its How-to articles which frankly are up to the minute compared to most of the how make knives books which all need to be updated into the 90's much less Y2K compatibility. I just looked and How to Make Knives by Loveless/Barney was written over 20 years ago as was David Boye's book.
I subscribe to TK, Blade, and KI also, but prefer Tactical Knives the best only because I like tactical folders more than other styles. I like Stephen Dick of TK, cause of all the editors, he tells it the best, and does not pull punches as much for the advertising they have to be careful of. I have spoken with him personally, and I like his attitude.
I like the others who like TK, wish they would go monthly like Blade. Long time between publication.
Thank goodness for Bladeforums, as it is the most current, and you get more of the truth, and hands on opinions. I too am waiting for the on-line mag.
If it wasn't for the people on these forums, it would be hard to know the real truth on some knives, and products, as I have gotten more out of here than all the books and magazines that I own.
Just my .02 cents.

IMHO, the best knife magazine is simply Bladeforums.com! I know you don't get the glossy format, but BFC has more knife info than anything. That said, as far as magazines in print, my vote would be on Blade and Knives Illusrated.

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I subscribe to BLADE and usually pick up KI. Both are good mags. You can also get LOTS of good information here on the forum.
I blundered onto this site (bladeforums.com) a couple of weeks ago and became a member a few days later. I am highly intrigued by the very concept of an online forum like this. I don't get to talk knives too much because no one I know is interested in the subject. This website, for me , is a God-send. You will find here that which you will NEVER find in the mag/rags. Honest and straight-forward criticism (and discussion)on knives where honest and straight-forward criticism (and discussion) is needed. The mag/rags have to look at the bottom line, after all they are a business. They are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Not true here! From what I have seen so far, honesty RULES here! 'nuff said. If you still want the mags, TK IMHO is the best of the breed. You get interesting articles on blade defense and they are the most critical of the three in the knife review dept.(take this statement with a grain of salt). A new rag has popped up that might show some promise. Combat Knives is just a few issues old(in my area anyway) and looks like after they get some kinks worked out might be on par with TK. Time will tell. Blade is informative with how-to and some tech stuff. KI has gone off the Art Knife deep end IMHO. All have top notch pics to look at, just remember if you want the real skinny on what's hot and what's not, here is the place to stop. I sure hope this helps.

It really depends on your interests. I think if your more interested in knife making and the more artistic side of knives, then go with Knives Illustrated.
If your more interested in self defense / survival then go with Tactical Knives (my personal favorite). For an all around general purpose magazine, then Blade is your best bet!

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Because I am a maker who enjoys the artistic aspect of the trade I prefer Knives Illustrated. The other two are either too commercial or feature styles of knives that simply do not interest me.

For Corduroy's benefit, These magazines would not exist without the support of their advertisers so if you want the magazines you will have to accept advertising.


Thanks guys on your exhaustively replys.

My primary interests are - survival and knife-as-tool because I often go outdoors (woods, mountains ...) with my friends. I understand that best choice for me would be BLADE. But I also think that BladeForums is great thing for knife lovers and I couldn*t collect so much experience at no place.

I subscribe to Blade magazine and I love it, although I realize that their reviews are sometimes biased, they still provide some general information regarding the product in question, and I can fill in the blanks myself. If I can't, I simply log onto BF and my problems are solved.

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I personally like tactical knives the best, but sometimes read blade. I dont really care for knives illustrated, but i mostly like ugly knives that i can abuse, and i havnt tried making them or anything(may at somepoint) but i find that tactical knives gives reviews on a lot of knives i can afford, and sometimes has some neat/usefull information.