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What is the "best" lightweight, folder ?

Jan 3, 2001
I am going on a two week expedition to backpack Alaska and I want to buy a knife that meets the following:
1) Large blade of edge holding steel
2)Folding (I think as a space consideration)
3) Lightweight
4) No frills ie tough.
Any suggestions???

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Bigvon: Welcome. My ultimate recommendation would be the large Sebenza by Chris Reeve. 3.5" blade and incredible strenghth and durability. It will handle virtually any task you ask of it .
Good Luck.
Large Spyderco wegner.

What is this existential quandry all about anyway?
The large Wegner is probably THE knife to take with you. Tough as nails. You'll be sold the first time you handle it and hear that blade go "ka-chunk" when it locks up.

A Sebenza would no doubt be up to the task as well, but it's considerably more expensive, $325 vs. around $100 +/- for the Wegner.

Go with the Wegner and have fun!


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I'll cast a 2nd vote for the Large plain-edge Clip-Point Cold Steel Voyager.

This IS a tough, lightweight folder that WON'T empty-out your bank account.

The AUS-8A steel that the blade is made out of won't easily rust, is razor sharp, holds a razor sharp edge well, and sharpens without too much effort.

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I would not call Sebenza a lightweight folder... but then again, I don't think that you are really asking for a lightweight folder

If you need a large and tough folder with good edge folding - it's Sebenza. It expensive but it is not very heavy (for such a large and tough folder) even if it is not exactly lightweight (as Zytel Spydercos for instance). This is definitely the folder I would take with me!

I'll have to second the Spyderco Wegner. Alaska gets too cold for the Sebenza (bare metal handles.) The Wegner's handles are insulated G-10. I've had both. I still have the Wegner, I love it, and it was 1/3 the price of a Seb.
First let me welcome you to the forum Bigvon.

I think that I will make it unanimous by saying, if you can afford it, the Sebenza is the knife to get; But if money is a problem, then the Spyderco Wegner should be your choice.

What ever you get... Good luck!

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That's like asking "What's the best food?"
Depends on the day, and who you are asking.

There are a lot of good knives from different manufacturers. Personally, I think Spyderco is one of the most dominant in the market with good, light-weight production folders. No, I'm not a Spyderco nut. I just admit they make damn good knives.

As I mentioned in another thread, it doesn't hurt that they are one of the few manufacturers putting better steels (ATS-55, VG-10, CPM 440V...)into one-piece Zytel handles. This keeps things affordable, efficient, and...lightweight.

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I just had another thought ... If you want a great lightweight fixed blade, you may want to check out the Spyderco Moran of the Fallkniven F-1. Both come with great steel (VG-10). The Spyderco comes with a concealex multi-carry sheath & tecloc fastener. The Fallkniven and be ordered with either a leather pouch type sheath or a concealex sheath. The Fallkniven is a tad heavier with a real thick full tang blade. The Spyderco's blade isn't as thick, nor is it full tang, but I can't imagine this thing breaking...it's built very well and its barely noticeable when carried cross draw or SOB. The tecloc fastener of the Spydie sheath would probably easily attach to your pack strap in a variety of different carry modes to save space, too.

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Thanks guys. At least I have a starting point
now. Since we will be humping all of our gear I wanted a STURDY knife which I assumed should be a folder. Maybe not....
I guess it is a question of trade off's and what you think are the important qualities.
Weight vs robustness seems to be one.
I know Alaska would seem to be a place where a GOOD knife is mandatory, could even be a matter of survival.
Thanks again.

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If cost is an issue, the lightweights from Outdoor Edge are reputed to be great knives at low price. The Zytel Magna from their Edge Tech division would be something worth looking at too giving you a big blade and a lot of handle to work to with. It's reputation is also very tough. The metal version is 7 oz, the zytel's weight is not listed, probably betwen 3 and 4 oz.

I'm a bit more of a minimalist and don't find a lot of knife all that useful for the weight. I prefer something smaller and lighter, though not to the extreme of Ray Jardine who only takes a gentleman's SAK, mostly for the scissors and tweezers. The Micra is good for that though.

For lightness, the BM 770 is a pretty amazing knife complete with the Axis lock and all wrapped up in Carbon Fiber. 1.7 oz of pure knife.

You might want for more blade though.

The BM 705 is my other favorite backpack knife at about 2.5 oz. A better blade design and handle.

For another third of an oz at 2.8, the BM-940 is a pretty good chunk of blade in a light package.



Ok, so NOW you're thinking...MAYBE a fixed-blade knife?? Two come to mind:

Cold Steel SRK

Fallkniven A1 (It's heavier [THICKER] than the SRK, but VERY TOUGH.)


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For a folder I would go Spydie Military,an extremely good bit of kit.
Fixed blade,Spydie Moran is small and rozor sharp but if you want something heftier then the CRKT Partner is IMHO tremendous value and you wont mind as much if you abyse/lose/gift it.
Best wishes for Alaska,a dream of mine is to go there but Im on the wrong side of the pond.
If you are looking for lightweight stuff, basically any knife with carbon fiber handles or stuff, since that is probably the lightest material around right now in knives. I also recommend Spyderco for well-made, lightweight Zytel knives and the such.
Another vote for the large Sebenza. While now a "production" knife, the quality is about as custom as it gets. Be prepared for some "sticker shock", however. Now about $345. Surf the net. I've seen some available for $295.
Give me a price point to work with!

Cheap- £30=Browning 708
low- £40= Gerber Gator ATS-34
Middle-£120-150= Benchmade Axis in M2
Upper= Large MM Classic Sebenza
High=Steve Rollert Damascus steel blade or like

Fixed blade= D2 Ka Bar or M2 Nimravious.


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