what is the buck 110 of the modern knives?

Nov 26, 2000
The Buck 110 was the best production knife of its day for a few reasons. Quality-Buck always stood behind its products, Value-a great knife for the price, and toughness- people beat the heck out of this knife every day and it survives. Now with a new breed of folding knives what is the best in value, quality, and toughness? Remember to keep value in mind- the sebenza is probably the best but just too expensive for some. What will people still have in their pocket 20 years from now just like the Buck 110?
Who knows K man! when the Buck 110 was popular, I don't think that there were too many other knives to compete with it. Today it's a different story! There are many more different types of knives now. The one hand opener took over, along with the liner lock, frame lock, rolling lock, speed assist, etc., etc.<p>Who knows what the future will bring, or what people will be carring. If I had to guess, it would be Spyderco, or a Kershaw.:)
110 of the present must be the Spyderco Endura. Like the 110, it is quality. Like the 110, the Endura is large, and like the 110, the Endura is priced for the mass of people.
There are so many good knives, I don't think it's possible to narrow it down to one -- but the Endura was also one of the first knives that sprang to mind.
The BM 710 seems logical to me. It's an all around knife that a lot of people carry, and it looks like it will last a long time. But, not enough people carry it, so I don't think you can pick that. Instead, I'll say the Spyderco Delica or Endura because it's so popular and modern.
The first quality tactical folder I ever owned. Seems to be popular with the regular folks. :)
If you ask me, it's still the Buck 110. With all of my knives, I still carry a Buck 110 into the woods with me. But now you can get a Buck 110 with a plethora of options from Pete's Custom Knife Shop. PCKS just adds to a great design with lots of handle and blade options like BG-42 steel, stag handles, damascus steel and Asian water buffalo handles. The best just keeps getting better. :D
Of course I am going to say the Spyderco Wegner. But since the 110 was reasonably priced for just about anyone, my vote goes to the Endura. I know you could go down and buy a Buck 110 for about $30.00, and still can. The Endura fits the bill in my opinion.
I still think it is the Buck 110. We can take a pole in a couple of days (when Spark activates us) to see how many of us have owned the 110. I suspect that 3/4 of us have had a 110 at some time and many of us still have one or more laying around. No other knife coms close.

Not2Sharp, I agree with you about the 110. Nothing will ever take place of the 110. I still have a NIB, and an old user that has been beat to hell, and still holds a good edge. But, imagine the 110 was discontinued, the Endura would have my vote.
Wow...I read the subject and before clicking on the thread I was thinking "Ohhh I know, it's the Spyderco Endura...or Delica...yeah, that's what I'll say"
But it was already said :)
The 110 will always have its place on the top,kind of like Elvis and the Beatles.They were the first and they were good.Today there are many many more who are also good but the pie is split more ways so none will ever have the place the 110 has.Runners up enclude the Endura,Delica(since they out sell the Endura)BM710 and as much as I hate to say it Gerber EZ-out.The EZ-out is a big seller and I see alot of them behing carried by "working men".
Well, the Chris Caracci designed Benchmade AFCK 800 was what kind of ushered me into the modern knife world about 5 years ago.

A lot of the modern BM liner lock stuff at some level owes it's lineage to this knife... although those that have been around this biz longer than I might disagree, and rightly so.

The 710 contains a couple of improvements on the AFCK 800 IMHO.

I guess the Endura has rights to "110 classic" status in the rocker/spine lock category.
Although it's not a knife of "today", I would bet the knife that has come closest to the 110 would be the gerber gator, based on availability, mainly. They have been at Wal-Mart and other huge retailers for years, and are carried by kabillions of campers, hunters, backpackers, climbers, etc, who (whom?) consider it state of the art. Let's face it, most knives that forumites consider solid working knives, and everyday carry, are still quite unknown to the knon-knife-knut kworld.

I may be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time(Actually, if my calculations are correct, it's the fourth!:D :rolleyes: )

The Buck 110/112 still has a very strong following. The Spyderco Endura/Delica is probably the closest thing out there at the present time.

There are a number of factors that going into making any knife the "Buck 110" of today. First of all, it has to be POPULAR. There was a time when – if you were around a campsite or construction site or hunting lodge or biker rally - the 110 was toted on damn near every belt you saw. Next it has to be built tough as nails just like the 110. Next it has to be widely available and widely known (even now lots of folks will call any big folding knife they see a "buck knife" ... it's become a cultural reference point). Lastly, the knife has to be affordable to average Joes; not cheap, but not out of reach. With these factors in mind, I guess the Endura comes close. But I don't think the 110 of today is a single-blade folder at all. The "knives" that come closest to filling that role are actually multi-tools, and mostly the Leatherman products. It pains me to say it because I love my Endura and I love knives that are, well, KNIVES, but I see far more working guys and sportsmen carrying multis than anything else by far.
The Buck 110 with a BG-42 blade and thumbstuds for opening one-handed is still a pretty hot ticket for me. A big advantage also is that even though they are over the legal size limit around here, the cops ignore them because half the world around here wears them.