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What is the thickest/heaviest knife you'll carry inside pocket?

Feb 18, 1999
For me, the thickest knife I will carry in my pants pocket is my Victorinox Huntsman. Mostly I will carry it in the front pouch in my fanny pack, and also my Leatherman Pulse in the main section of the pack.

For the most part, my in-pocket knife is a Classic, in the left front.
Victorinox supertool X.
Heavy, thick, but oh so usefull at every occasion and it takes everything I trow at it. It replaced my leathman wave.

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Buck 112 or my Victorinox Adventurer. I used to carry my Schrade LB7 religiously but it's just too damn heavy and there's nothing it can do that my 112 can't.
Every now and then I get the urge to carry my SOG Tomcat. I just love this knife, but it is heavier than the normal carry knife.
I have a thing for really big folders. My wife says I am overcompensating, but I have no idea what she is talking about
I have several 5"+ folders that I carry regularly.
There include the Sifu,SOG PE II,CS XL Voyager, a custom Darrel Ralph Madd Maxx, and a King-Kong 5.5" Carson. I carry them along the trailing seam of my right cargo pants pocket with no problem.If you have never tried it, it is a great way to carry.It is stealthy because the flap only lets the bottom of the clip show.Size doesn't matter since it is a dedicated pocket and at a point on the body that doesn't bend.It is also very easy to draw from a seated position.
I have always found that size and weight alone are not the determining factors on what is suitable to carry in a front pants pocket.Basic ergonomics and closed profile shape have a lot to do with it. A Chinook is hard to carry in a front pocket not so much because of the size, but because of the unwieldy shape.A big knife that carries well in the front pocket is a spydie C-48 Wegner.
It is fairly big, heavy and strong. It is also slim with rounded profile and carries a lot easier for me in a front pocket than many smaller knives.YMMV.

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My SOG Tomcat finds it's way in my pocket every now and then, would rather use the case when wearing a belt. This is a heavy knife.
LCC in jeans pocket is about the biggest for me.
BTW although I am into customs that puppy is one heck of a knife for the $.

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What Gus said.

The LCC is one big chunk of a knife! I carry it clipped in my jeans on the weekends, quite the contrast from the Small Apogee or Umfaan I carry in my Dockers during the week.

A full size AFCK was about the largest I'd go clipped in my jeans, but then the LCC came along and retired it.


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Hi all-
sorry i have no thick folder-
but heavy folders ...yes!
sometimes i carry a CRKT CKFF or a SIFU in my back pocket, i also would carry my Vaquero Grande there if it had a clip.
Size is not the problem, weight is!
My pockets are large enough (I wear XXXL)
but sometimes i need suspenders because of the weight. (Its not only one knife)

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When it comes to packing stuff in the front of my pants, I am an advocate of "Size Doesn't Matter."

Doggone lousy genetic luck anyways.
The largest/heaviest knife I carry is my REKAT Carnivore in the front right pocket. No
pocket clips either, they just screw up an otherwise great handle.

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Depends on the "pocket"! When I'm on twowheels with serious pockets in heavy leather, it's major duty equipment (plural)plus percussive material. OTOH in my khakis and sweater, a Stryker 910SBTL, or for light duty, my 705BT.
Cold Steel TRAILMASTER.....

Length doesn't matter much to me. I'll carry a CS Scimitar or XL Tanto or Outdoor edge magnum without batting an eye, but when a knife gets thick and/or heavy, count me out. I have a large Sogwinder, that I will only ever carry in my coatpocket.
Leatherman Pulse


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

You took MY answer. (Cold Steel Trail Master Bowie)...

The CRKT Crawford/Kasper FF is about the heaviest/thickest folder I'd want to lug around in my pocket.

(My "carry folder" is a Cold Steel 5 inch Gunsite, or 5 inch plain Clip-Point Voyager.) Eventho' these are both LARGE folders, they are light-weight, and fairly thin.

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Largest pocket carry knife is my Wenger Handyman. But I have been known to carry a Schrade LB7 in my back pocket from time to time.