What is your favorite BM Axis ?????

Dec 10, 2000
I would have to say that out of the 3 axis lock models that I have ( 710, 705, & 720 ) I like my 705 the best. I hear a lot of people say that they really like thier 940. I have a 942 on order, so I will know about that one soon.
Blue 940, naturally

Love my 710HS, too, though.
I would have to say the original and still best axis lock design...... the 710

Dennis Bible

720 for me but I'm looking forward to the 721.


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Hey have any of you seen the aluminum 710? I think it was pre production. I'd love to get one, any idea of the value/availability?
I have to say the only one that I own, the 710. Although the 940 looks pretty nice also. My 710 has been carried nearly every day for a year and its still going strong.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Richard M. French:

I guess the 710 is the best over all knife of the axis series. But...it's the 705 that I'm never without.

Ditto to that Mr. French.
Although the 705 is sometimes replaced by the MT UDT 2000 (red handle, very cool.)
The 710 is my favorite, I've got two of them. A 710S for the left pocket and 710SBT for the right pocket.

Casual (Jeans)-720 KOTM or 730, slacks-705, suit-770, fishing/camping-710, around the house chore knife-812.
No, 940BT
No, 705BT
No, 940BT
No, 705BT
No, 940BT
No, 705BT
No, 940BT
No, 705BT
No, 940BT
No, 705BT
No, 940BT
I want a 705940BT!

in M2!

yes, that's it! A 940 handle, an M2 blade, and the style of the blade is either the 940, or the 705, depending on what I want. See, the knife detects which I want, and morphs itself to serve me....and, if the 705 blade is too small, it grows to be a 710!

Gotta go, my medicine is wearing out.

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Love my 720.
Gonna have to consider the 721 & the 722 in the near future.

Now...only if we could see an Axis Stryker.........



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730, closely followed by the 722 (purely because of handle design, not the tanto blade). I'm thinking that the 721 is going to give the 730 a run, when ever I can get it.

While I have a 710, I've never been that impressed with it. Nice lines, but just not as useful as the 730.

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710 plain in M2


What a knife!


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I have a 705, 710 and 940.

The 940 feels best in my hand.

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