What knife is your beater?

Feb 3, 2001
Hello again!
I was wondering what knife do you have that you just beat the heck out of, and it comes back for more? Do you often feel a soft spot for it more than one of your more pampered and expensive, but infrequently used pieces? My Native has taken a beating, and the more I beat it up, the more I like it! As always be careful out there!

For me, it would be my Gerber SLG 3.25.

I just keep hammering on it- it gets to do the things I can't bring myself to use any other of my 'toys' for- and it keeps going strong.

Glad I have it, really.


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My Benchmade AFCK does it for me. I have beat on one for quite a while now and it seems to come back for more, quite the workhorse actually.
Spyderco Delica.

I keep trying different knives, usually far more expensive ones, but I always end up back with my Delica.
I have several that take a whoopin'.......

A Microtech SOCOM MA, a Microtech SOCOM DA and a large plain Sebenza. Also have a Microtech LCC DA that's getting used extremely hard.

Never a failure ! Not even a whimper !

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Current beater: CRKT 3.5" Pointguard. For an investment of $44, it keeps coming back for more.
I am pretty tough on my Sebenzas, but I really beat on my Dozier K6, a little clip point in D2 that hasn't chipped out despite my best efforts.
SOG Pentagon Elite. The old liner lock version. I get a definate soft spot for it. I got sold/ gave away all of my knives except for the SOG and my MOD.
For many years it was my primary carry, now I only take it out when I know I'm going to abuse a blade. A BM812.

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BM910 nothing can hurt the m2 steel even use it as a pry bar. Used it to mount a bug gard on my truck. used the tip to start to holes on the underside of my hood, Ground it right into the hood not even a small chip out of the blade.
My main beater for heavy around the house work is an old ATS-34 serrated Military. It slices boxes and bags with gusto and holds an edge quite well.
I have 3 that I beat. But I have a rule. Any knife I buy has got to stand a good beating.

1st. is my Handmade from South Africa. Its an Andre de Villiers.

2nd. is my Buck/STRiDER. This knife can be beat till the cows come how, and there wouldnt even be a scrach.

3rd. is my Delta Z HighTech (Tactical). This takes a good beaten everday of the week and still keeps going (Its my everyday carry).

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I don't abuse it much but my Calypso Jr in SS is just as tough as nails. Dropped it and the tip curled ever so slightly and only took about 10 minutes on the Sharpmaker to straighten out.

Benchmade 705 and 730, with the 705 getting the worst of it, and coming back for more.

I really don't care much what others feel about the Axis lock. All I have to say is that these knives are opened by flicking 99.99% of the time (that's no exaggeration - when I'm bored, I'll just sit there and flick them open and closed), and there is no problem with wear. I feel confident that repeated sharpening will leave the blade a nub of steel before the lock ever wears out.


P.S., that's right, Axis locks can be flicked in both directions

currently the emerson CQC-7 is my 24/7 knife, along w/my glock 33 like my american express card never leave home with out them
It would be my Endura/Delica combo. They just won't quit. I've broken the clips on both of them, and the Delica's serrations are all rounded now. But they both cut and cut some more!!

Mini-AFCK - Whenever there's gonna be hard knife work to do that's the one I grab. I might even buy another.

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