What knife when fishing on the boat?


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Feb 2, 2005
This question is for pleasure boaters and commercial fisherman alike, what do you use when out fishing? Sailboat, powerboat, canoe/kayak etc. Whether I'm out on the Chesapeake Bay, or out on the headboat out of the MD/DE marinas, I usually have a Frosts Mora, and a SAK. I'm too afraid to lose, or mar, anything nicer. I've seen people using $5 filet knives like masters on boats, and others using pricey filet knives (Buck, KOA etc) and really hack up the fish. I've seen a lot of Rapalas/Moras/Queen Chief all stainless models. Whether cutting up bait, fileting your catch, cutting rope/line what have you, what do you use on the boat? I know some members here work in the marine industries.
I tend to go with cheaper knives myself. A Mora is in my fishing box, a SAK is in my vest(outrider model) and occasionally I will carry one of my Gerber LSTs.
i like the spydie endura in vg10. lite enough to clip in a big front shirt pocket or pants pocket. the shirt pocket carry is great when fishing .
Most guys I knew growing up on the water, and who worked crabbing or flounder boats, used cheap stainless boning knives with fiberglass or plastic handles.

A lot of Buck 110's and and the like also
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Fishing from a kayak on the ocean and in rivers, it's a Mora Craftline Rope on deck and a Gerber River Runner on my PFD.

One of these on a lanyard


I carry either a Vic Spartan or a Kershaw Vapor. Both are inexpensive and easy to pocket. Plus they are pretty much wash and wear. Ain't no big deal to rinse out in the lake.

Right now on my boat I have a Dexter Russell carbon boning knife with an 8 inch blade, a half serrated Mora with a blue handle, some serrated Victorinox paring knives and I always have a serrated Byrd Cara Cara Rescue.

The Dexter is mostly used to cut bait and dress fish. The Mora is kept at the hauling station to cut rope etc. The Vics are supposed to be on our oilskins for emergencies but I find their handles too thin and the blades too flexible to be efficient under pressure. The Cara Cara Rescue is my main work knife and has been used to do everything from open paint cans to cut fiberglass.

postfallsidaho- If you know the approximate position of your knife you might be able to retrieve it with a heavy duty magnet on a piece of cord like clothesline or paracord.
There is a 7" Dexter carbon boning knife, a Mora, and a Victorinox paring knife with the add-on handle.


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I carry either a salt 1 (which I lost) or a tasman salt. I use them mostly for clearing weeds out of the props. Most of my fishing is done with either lures or flies so I don't cut too many baits. I do my filleting at home.
I use a Leatherman Surge. That will be replaced with a Wave as soon as I get one.
rapala filet knife cuts bait and cleans fish...kershaw scallion goes around neck and cuts everything else...
Before the internet...
I was fine for years with two Schrades.
Sharpfinger for fishing (bait, line and asst'd cutting chores) and a Uncle Henry Steelhead fillet knife (filleting only).

I've yet to see someone lose a knife overboard.
I definitely wouldn't want a lanyard on my boating knife.
Too many places for the lanyard too hook onto and you don't want to try and grab a rail with a knife attached to you.
Or with it in your hand.
YMMV and all that :)