• Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for your continued support and I hope that your holiday season is a blessed one.

What knives are you looking forward to?

I should be getting my Reeve Shadow III Friday. Thanks, Skyland's.

I'm anxious to handle the Axis from BM.

Hopefully I can get a Carson or Terzuola in the next year or so. Man, that mortgage is a bummer.

Honestly, the knife that's in the mail. The wait can be killer.

Okay, that Spyderco/Rekat thing, maybe the toys from Mission and Busse.
Any folders that aren't liner locks. First and foremost, the Axis. Also, anything REKAT or Spyderco do with the Rolling Lock, and EDI's Rock Lock.

Darrel's whatever-it's-going-to-be folder. Can't wait to see that.

Fixed-blade-wise my next purchase will probably be a Lab Rat. And I'm looking forward to the performance tests on the Battle Mistress in INFI.

Beyond that, Andy Stanford mentioned SureFire is up to big things next year. Yeah yeah, it's not a knife, but we're all gadget nuts here

I'm waiting for the Ka-Bar my Dad is going to send me for my birthday. With luck, it'll arrive tomorrow...Can't wait - HAAAAAAALP!

Oh boy, well, here goes;
The BM trinity
JKM's 1st available offering
Bob Dozier(anything he makes)
AG Russell One hander
Spyderco a) Bob Lum b)Military
Cold Steel a)Recon Tanto b)Desperado
Victorionox Swisstool
Paragon XO
that's all I want Santa.
HO, HO, HO...dream on you wanker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(me) OK, thanks, dude, I know I should be thankful just to be here.

Happy Holidays to all the "tool" fraternity.

Round Eye Knife and Tool (REKAT) Escalator, and Pat Crawford Design, considering buying a Pocket Hobbit.

Spyderco Rolling Lock Knife, SpydeRench, Lum Chinese Chopper Folder, Shabaria.

Benchmade Axis, Pinnacle, AFCK with Axis Lock, and all of the above in BT2 with M2 steel.

Busse hunting line in INFI.

My custom Nessmuk design from Michael Mann, forged. And the other two knives I am considering having made to make a trio.

Emerson Banana.

And anything else that catches my Eye.

Marion David Poff

"Therefore he that knows enough is enough, will always have enough" Lao-Tzu
Well hopefully Santa will bring a Pinnacle if it is out in time and if my girlfriend figures out all of the hints that I have been dropping. Also I am waiting for the possible Hawk/Halo OTF by MT.