What knives have you LOST?

Jan 28, 2002
My only one happens to be my first: a Wenger SAK purchased in Switzerland from my uncle, when I was a boy. That knife still holds a lot of sentimental value for me, because it got me thinking about an SAK with on the tools I needed, which led me to conclude that a larger locking blade would be nice, which led me to folders and fixed blades. Ahhh, the joy of discovery :D ....

I miss that knife but maybe I would have never moved on if I hadn't lost it.
Does stolen count too?

Old Timer two-blader
SAK Explorer
SAK Tinker
SAK Spartan
Buck Prince
Case medium stockman
Queen mop-handled stockman (that, frankly, I never liked anyway)

Man, I miss (most of) them. :(
Victorinox with plyers - don't remember which model - new, used once to help open the baby's stroller at the zoo, never to be seen again.

Years later, lost a reasonably new Spyderco progrip while camping.

Just a few weeks ago, lost my Spyderco Calypso.

I guess I just need to superglue the damn knife to my hand !!!
A Cold Steel medium Voyager on a bus in the UK four years ago.

A William Henry carbon fiber Lancet two years ago in a cab in Las Vegas.

ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! My small plain Sebenza in another cab in Las Vegas this past Saturday night!

Every single one of these was lost while clipped to my right front pocket because I was trying to get my money clip out of the same pocket while seated. I can pull the cash out while standing with no problem, but while seated it seems to really want to catch and dislodge any knofe carried in that position.

I'll never take my money out while seated again.

My only lost knife was also my first good quality folder, a Pat Crawford / Benchmade full sized Leopard :( .

It was a mixed blessing, as I got my first Spyderco as a replacement and have been collecting them ever since.

What was even better was that I found the Leopard 3 yesrs later :D
Several cheapies, but my most expensive was a Benchmade Stryker 910HSSR M2 steel. Lost it this summer while playing softball.

I've lost a few, but the one I really miss was kind of cheesy:

it was a lockback folder with a hollow handle, compass cap, sawback, and morse code on the side (!). For some reason I really liked that knife when I was a kid and would love to have it for sentimental reasons...
Ok this is goiing to sound a bit X-Fileish but have you lot ever tried dowsing for these lost things?
If you think you may of lost it at work/home/friends house get a big sheet of paper (A3 sized) and draw an exact plan of the area on it as big as possible. Include every piece of furniture and try to keep it relative in size. If you live/work in a place with more than one floor your going to need more sheets of paper. Then get a metal object and string it from some thread. I use a needle but if youve got shakey hands you'll need something heavier and a couple of people i know will only use a gold ring. Sit down with the plan in front of you, relax, clear your mind of everthing and, suspending the metal object above the plan as close to it as you can go round the plan VERY slowly whilst concentrating on the lost object.
I dont know how it works but it does. Sometimes! Ive found a few things using this method. I even found a maglite solitaire I dropped in some woods whilst out jogging :) then promptly lost it again and couldnt find it dowsing :rolleyes:
Its wierd but have a go.
Why do you remind me of this ?.

My grandmother´s stag handled german folding hunter.

Boker 6 blade camper.

Spyderco Delica.

Buck 112.
A cheapo 2-blade barlow(that my dad gave me)
A small yellow handled Camillus folder
A small cheapo stiletto
I am sure there are a few more but that's all I can think of at the moment....LOL :)
I used to carry a Phill Hartsfield Kozuka daily, lost that one.

I gave my ex-gf my left and right sebenza once... does that count? <grin>


respects, Guro Jeff