What neck knife is best?

Feb 17, 1999
I would like to know which custom neck knife comes with a kydex sheath that you can also clip to a belt or inner coat pocket? I need opinions on which one is recomendable for price / quality cost $$. No knives over 7" long since smaller in better in this case.

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For production blades, I like the Cold Steel Para series but they are a liitle hard to get out of the Kydex sheath. I also like the OE Wedge and Wedge II but the II may be a little to big for you. As for customs I have a Criswell Gambler that is very nice but the blade is only about 1 3/4 inches. Al Polkowski makes some very nice neck knives and his quality is first rate.
Bill Maynard makes a nice little neck knife. You can see a picture of it at Edgy-tools.com. If any thing, post on their forum and ask Phil about it. I'll see if I can link it: http://www.edgy-tools.com/
This will get ya to edgy-tools.com, but I couldn't link the picture. Its a very well made neck knife, and Mr. Maynard is a nice person to talk with. I've talked to him at the local shows, and at the NC Custom Knife Show.
Also take a look at Alan Folts neck knife. He has a pic posted here on the forums.
Slasher, take a look here for a huge assortment of unqualified opinions


Check out Bob Kasper's web site for a picture of the Kasper designed Polkowski Gaunt. The site also has contact info.


I have seen more pictures of his neck knives in magazine articles, but I don't know any other web site that posts them. You might have a shorter wait if you order Al's knives through a custom dealer.


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Yes, check out neck knife thread I started in January. As you'll see, I ended up getting a Kevin Wilkins Thorn neck knife, which I'm quite pleased with. It's nice and compact, and the workmanship is fantastic.

If you plan to do much serious cutting with your knife, you might look seriously into the various knives with handles. I believe Kevin said he'll be making some Thorn knives with handles in the future. The Boyer knives and RJ Martin handiman both have handles and were recommended.

For minimum weight and thickness (both were priorities for me), I think a plain metal handle is best.


i can't say enough good things about the RJ Martin handiman neck knife. i have been carrying this knife to work (warehouse) since i got it, and it has been incredible. it feels comfortable in the hand, has an index finger cutout, and is incredibly light. check it out if you get a chance.

Multi carry positions? REKAT Fang,Utility. CRK&T Stiff Kiss. All at just about 7". With just the neck sheath, try Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works, although he can design a mutisystem 4 you. ALL his cataloged items are priced at big discounts for winter sale.


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For those of you who are into something a little different, Bill Martino of Himalayan Imports is considering importing a Tibetan neck knife called at thee (pronounced "t"). This is a dagger, approximately 10", worn around the neck. While it isn’t manufactured with the latest hi-tech materials, it does have centuries of use behind its design.

If you’re interested take a look at the thread at http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum26/HTML/000035.html and give Bill some feedback. Perhaps we can convince him to put up some pictures and add it to his product line.
The best? Depends on your needs. I like Newt Livesay's designs and I like the ATS34 REKAT Hobbit's Fang. Pioneer Valley Knives (www.pvknife.com) was selling the ATS34 Fang for under $50.00. Newt's Woo sells for about $25.00. He has several models of neck knife from which to choose.
I had not heard of the concept of "neck knives" ("kneck knives?") until I lurked/joined BladeForums, then I realized I had to have one.

The "best one" must be the REKAT utility kneck knife, since that was the one I ordered yesterday from Cove Cutlery. (I had such a hard time finding one for sale that I guess the thrill of the chase got to me and I inadvertently let slip my credit card number and delivery address.)

BTW, this was my first knife purchase since becoming a Junior Member of the Forum. Does this qualify me as a Member?
I cant speak from experience yet, but I have heard nothing but excellent things about the REKAT hobbit fang and utility. If you do a search under REKAT neck knives I think you will find a reaaly good thread about them. I have ordered one of each so hopefully really soon I will be able to offer a more detailed review.
I realy like the looks of Fred Perrins' La Griffe and I have read good think about them. I just haven't decided yet on wheter I will order one or wait till summer and drive over to France and check the out in person. It is only 600km and gives my a change to finaly visit the Louvre.
Check out Rob Simonichs' Cetan, it comes in either a tanto or drop point. You can get a Kydex sheath which also has a clip on the back, and the whole thing is light. Super sharp too.
Has anyone tried the Bud Neeley/Boker Neck knife? I got one, and have used it for two months. It comes super sharp. Double ground, and with the same carry system Bud sells with his customs. (9 positions) Easy to resharpen, tanto point. Mine is the early model with polished blade, g-10 handles. It disapears under a t-shirt.
I have a Polkowski Bodyguard. It has a four inch blade, and came with an inside the waistband, neck carry and small of the back sheath. Cost $220.
Thanks MNH!
I was hoping someone was going to mention newts knives. I have two neck knives from him...the Little Pecker is a great buy and so is the SOP. I use the SOP quite a bit...it is good for all practical everyday purposes and they don't cost an arm and a leg.
Just my 2 cents
Ps. the Little pecker is just a bit longer than the 7 inches and the SOP is between 5 and 6.
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