What neck knife is best?

I have one from Lynn Griffith called the Sniper. Very nice knife, he offers different sheath options with it. I tried to add a picture but, it didn't work. Let me know I can email the picture to you.

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Ok, I'm going to give my opinion without knowing what I'm talking about. I'm sure I'm not the first one around here to do that.

I am on a waiting list for an RJ Martin Combat Neck Knife. It looks to be the most stealth carry system that I have ever seen. It's slender and looks like it would have very little outline under your shirt. It doesn't even look like a typical flat neck knife in Kydex, looks like a pen on a lanyard. 3 1/4" double ground blade from A2 round stock. What do you think?

If you all order one, maybe RJ will put them on the front burner. But don't bug him about it like I did. I hope he doesn't mind if I quote him.

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have only one list, and, you're on it!
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RJ Martin"

I have one from Lynn Griffith called the Sniper. Very nice knife, he offers different sheath options with it.
Thanks. I just found this old post. I realy appreciate that.

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Hi All,

I believe it may have been mentioned but Bud Nealy makes several neck knives all using his MCS (multicarry system) sheath...in fact, a few other manufacturers have adopted this nine-position sheath.

Aside from that (and the many fine knives already mentioned) how about something more exotic like the ceramic Mad Dog Mirage X Operator and Micro or the composite Mad Dog Frequent Flyers. Similarly, both Warren Thomas and Smoking Hole carbon fibre/titanium/carbide neck knives are interesting too. Finally, how could anyone forget the Busse Police Recruit made out of INFI?

For something more conventional, you may want to look at the neck knives offered by MadPoet and Ray Rogers.

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PS I am not sure if you van get Strider Knives with a neck sheath but they sure look like they would be good for such carry.

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Unfortunately, Madpoets on are no longer available as Mel Sorg, aka Madpoet, has passed on. Those who have his persian looking neck knife would do well to hang on to it.


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The Nealy is excellent. Mine is a PeshKabz in Meier Damascus and wood handle. Don't overlook the canadian makers. Brian Tighe and Greg Lightfoot both do excellent work. I would feel naked without my Tighe...
Functional, lightweight, and non threatening in appearance, is RJ Martins Handyman. Don' t have one yet, but hope I' ll find one when I see him at the ECCK Show. Hi Randy.


I have a different take on the best neck knife. What about a BF Native with a River City Sheath, it's not custom but it comes close. Also the sheath doesn't need to clip to a pocket or belt, you can just clip the knife

I have a Stiff KISS which I haven't worn very often because I found it just too long to carry with comfort. I was thinking of buying something smaller but I wanted a knife I could use for utility and a blade less than 3" just wouldn't cut it
. Then I started carrying my BF Native in it's Mike Sastre neck sheath. For me this is the ideal solution, I can comfortably carry a relatively large knife and draw it (with a Spydie drop opening) just as quickly as a fixed blade. Mike makes sheaths for a wide range of Spyderco knives so you can have your choice of blade styles i.e. plain or serrated, flat ground or hollow, even sheepsfoot or hawksbill. You could even carry a Military and it would be shorter than a Stiff KISS.

As always YMMV.

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