**What new large size tactical folders are coming out for 2001???

I'm hoping for a Large version of the Sifu. May have to wear it owb...but it would make a geat slapstick and when opened up I could use it to pick up trash when I take my walk without stopping to pick it up.

yeah I know...a bit silly but I get that way when I finally get a morning off.
Hey Darrel I can hardly wait, I'm thinking hard about ordering an EDC but always like to see something new from you.
Hey Rouge & all... Be on the lookout for the "Amphibian" from Microtech
This 4in 154cm bladded beauty was originally (proto) going to be a OAL of about 9 inches. The all Ti body is built for heavy land or sea usage. I have sceen one recently with inserts
and smaller but, we will see what they eventually produce. Check out the write up on Patrick's web page "Triple Aught Design." Larry C.
Many of us are anxiously awaiting for new designs from Darrel Ralph. Hey Darrel Ralph
can you give us a sneak peak of your new large folder?
I almost forgot about the S.E.R.E. Operator. It is great but I am looking for a folder not a fixed blade. I wish the SERE 2000 folder was bigger.
So when is SHOT!?

Damn...I hope I can make it this year.

Hey that Hermanator is a great looking knife. Is it for real? If so, tell us more, like what it is going to be made of. Don't tease.
Tim that is a great looking knife. The best part is it doesn't have holes in it, like someone else's knives.


Lay off the KING of HOLES!!! It is Christmas...

He who has smelt the smoke is never free again...
I'm looking forward to the Busse folder!

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