What ONE knife do you use to keep the boogyman away?

Aug 15, 2000
Hi, all. Which knife (that you own) do you keep by your bed at night? If the answer to that question is more than one, ask yourself this: (the REAL question) If you had a two story house, and you a bump in the night on the first floor, (or noise like someone was breaking in) what knife would you carry to go check out what was happening downstairs. (assuming that you would actually go downstairs, that is). The one I carry by my bed is the SOG Tigershark. And I did actually carry it to search out my apartment one night (it turned out to be the upstairs neighbors). Let's also assume that you would not carry any other self defense implement (ie gun or baseball bat or whatever)

Criswell Wakizashi. 16" A2 blade. Perfect for CQB.
Well, after the Mod. 870, my Ivan Campos tanto, chisel ground, roughly half a pound of pure edge.
When I'm at school, I'm in campus housing, so I'm limited to a folder, so I have my trusty Spyderco Viele and G-10 Harpy with me. Always. Never without the pair.

One time I was at home and checked out some noise in the backyard, since I live in the country, I really didn't bother with a knife, it was the Rem. 870 and the headlight. But if I was limited to knives, I would have to pick my good ole KaBar. Damn sharp, pretty big, only has to be used once. Of course it would be backed up with a Military IWB and my 6-D Maglight. What can I say, I'm a bit paranoid out there. Guess I'm too close to the county prison or something.
Raptor's claws:
CS Trailmaster in my right hand.

CS Safekeeper II in my left.

Also, I believe that a good tomahawk would fit the bill as well.

I find myself always having to post (a compulsion??) and then having to add the following on these type of threads:

I beleive that it is a human being's right, regardless of what the law states, to be able to defend his/her own life as well as the lives of his/her family. If BG's enter your domain then you can only assume that they mean you harm and you should be able to use whatever means are at your disposal to deal with it. Period!!!

Hopefully this situation will never arise for any of us, because no matter what the outcome, you will most likely lose something in the deal.

--The Raptor--

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Nothing against knives, In fact I love em' all! But in that situation i think a short barreled 12 guage loaded with birdshot would be prefered. IMOP

I would feel VERY less than manly carring a knife to a possible gunfite
The BG's would probably make off with the computer, TV, stereo & the fridge while I was deciding which knife to grab
Most likely my Cold Steel Assegai spear, with the long leaf spear-blade on it...i cut the 6' shaft down to 5' so it gives me maneuverability as well as the right amount of reach....also, under the bed is the main Boogeyman item - the Becker Machax....awesome tool!! And in the back of the sock drawer next to the bed- the CS Heavy Gurkha Kukri (i'm gonna sell it since i have the Becker, but it's just so hard to let it go!)...
machete always under the bed. My new AFCK is under the pillow. The SAK Trailmaster rests on the nightstand.
Himalayan Imports "Gelbu Special"
...that's a 19-inch razor sharp khukuri.

--Mike L.

What goes around...comes around.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Raptor:

I beleive that it is a human being's right, regardless of what the law states, to be able to defend his/her own life as well as the lives of his/her family. If BG's enter your domain then you can only assume that they mean you harm and you should be able to use whatever means are at your disposal to deal with it. Period!!!


I agree with you 100%.

I have my 18" Himilayan Imports AK next to me. It's nice having 3 pounds of sharpened steel in your hands when you hear something that sets you on edge. I don't sleep with my boots on so if I drop that knife I am going to be walking with a limp. I always have my MT LCC clipped to my waiste band too.
As someone else pointed out, in my own home,I'm going downstairs with a little more firepower than a knife.
Of course, here in the great state NJ, I'd have to drag him into the bathroom afterwards. Why? Because the law has decided that even in your own home, if there is an intruder, you are not to use force, deadly or otherwise, unless you have no way of escape. I am supposed to escape from MY own home and leave mr bad guy alone. Yeah, that's gonna happen
So officer, he cornered me in the bathroom, there I was with no way of escape

They've actually had cases in NJ where not only was a homeowner prosecuted for using excessive force on a BG, he was sued by the BG for injuries suffered on his property.

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I generally keep the biggest knife I own by the bed. It is a DeLeon custom Bowie (one monster of a knife
) I wont be used for really doing a search and clear. Its defense use would be for making my way through the house to get everybody (wife and kids) to the back end of the house and make the room there the defensive position.

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New photos added!!!
One side comment, my wife and I have a detailed tactical plan for dealing with intruders and it does not involve going downstairs to investigate. We arm ourselves, call the police, and wait behind cover until the law arrives.

We and our pets are all locked in the master bedroom at night, so we have nothing to defend elsewhere in the house except our property. We have decided that the risk of losing something is not worth the risk of leaving our "safe room" to defend it.

I also have to agree with several previous posters that both of my hands are going to be busy with my Remington 870 (which has a SureFire tactical light built into the foregrip).

Before I got my shotgun I did keep a "knife" as my primary weapon. It is actually a museum-quality Wilkinson sword with a 3' double-edged blade and a two-handed hilt. I can use it effectively one-handed, so I would also stick a non-edged sai into my waistband, just in case.

"Now that's a knife." --Crocodile Dundee

--Bob Q

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Not a knife- short sword!
it is a "russian Bebud" (looks like a kindjal). OAL= 25"
Just searching for a sabre (with handgard), to cut the blade to about 20", seems good for boxing too.


could be a long way cross the room to the gunsafe.

*so is life : hard but unfair - BE PREPARED*

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I would take my Cold Steel Assegi Spear in my right hand and in my left my Mineral Mountain White River Bowie (12" blade).

You're scaring me now.

I already hate NJ and now you tell me this.

I've really got to move!!!!!

I'd go back to Mass. but it's just as bad up there.

What's the world coming to??

--The Raptor--