What other things (besides knives) make you smile?

Charlie Mike

Sober since 1-7-14 (still a Paranoid Nutjob)
Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Nov 1, 2000
We are all different here, our interest (read Addiction ) with knives bringing us together. I know very well that getting a new knife will always bring a :D to my mug. But I would be in a pretty f-d state if that is the only thing that does it to me.:rolleyes:

So I was wondering what things bring a warm smile to the people out here. I'll list a few... get the ball rolling.
  • New knife (of course)
  • The smell of Hoppes gun oil. It reminds me of cleaning guns with my grandfather.
  • Knowing that I have a girl that loves me more than anything. ..not at the moment... :(
  • Meeting forumites. Only "met up" with one, another I go to school with. I hope to do this more.
  • Doing a job... RIGHT. Taking pride in your work, I guess.
  • Seeing the look of astonishment/awe in a kids face when he/she asks me to show him/her my knife.

I can't think of more at the moment, as lack of sleep has adverse effects on memory... but I know there are more.
Nothing I could post here and get away with. I'm still trying to figure out the "Rubber Band Test":D :D
Runnin' down the road strattlin' a V-Twin.

Jumpin' out of perfectly good aircraft.

Having a passion, a deep want and or desire satisfied.

A thirst from hell on one of those extremely hot and sultry days. . .you have your favorite liquid embellishment container pressed against you lips, you head is thrown back, eyes squinting at the ragin' sun and that ice cold liquid is quenchin' that ragin' thirst as it rushes down your throat. . .

And. . . . .

What I cherish the most ~ my wife, my daughter and my son !
A few of my favorite things.

Watching the Sun come up after running call to call for the last
six hours

Running hot

The first kiss in a new relationship

Ice cold beer on a hot day

A shady tree on the bank and the fish are biting

Finding new parts for my 1962 IH Scout

Playing frisbee with my Aussie shepherd

days off

Stimulating conversation with woman who is as intelligent as
she is beautiful
Spending time with my wife here at our ranch

Our dogs and cat

The sight of the UPS truck rolling down the valley towards my ranch with packages from Blade Art!

Popping off rounds from my Steyr AUG's and Benelli Super 90 Tactical.

Blasting up and down Route 66 in my 1966 427 Vette ragtop.

My wife and I riding our horses up into the mountains above our home.
No competition here!

My biggest smiles come my wife & kids! Pictured are Michelle (my wife), Bryce (younger son on left) and Ross (older son on right). Hearing, "I love you daddy!" along with a hug and kiss, warms my heart more than you can imagine!

Life truly is great!
Riding my Tandem on a warm summer morning on a long traffic free stretch of road. the wheels humming the miles melting away, my neck knife dangling hitting tapping my hydro pack feeder. ahhh heaven. oh wait that was this am. !!

Things that make me smile?
That's easy:
My wife is at the top of my list! :)
Riding a big V-twin or any motorcycle for that matter!
Hitting the metal plates at the local gun range with my 1908 Swedish Mauser. (18in circle at 220 yds.)
There a few more, but these are my biggest pleasures.
Good question.
Just in case the wife is reading this: you'll always be first on my list, dear ;)


Being proven right when some sh*t for brains management type arrogantly disregards your advice and then screws up royally :D

Spending days writing a complicated piece of computer code and have the sucker work first time :D

Not to forget...
Have the wife say: "Which knife do you want for XMas?"

Andrew L
1. Knives!
2. The smell of a well oiled knife.
3. The edge on a good sharpening job!
4. Kelly Brooke
5. Getting a Degree in English, even though it was my last choice for a subject. A 2/2 is not bad considering I was holding down what amounts to a full time job at the same time as a full time degree?
6. Computer games!
Originally posted by redvenom
Being proven right when some sh*t for brains management type disregards your advice and screws up royally :D


You don't happen to be employed By Motorola, do you? :D

Seriously, some of my favorite things include my kids, quiet evenings on the deck enjoying the cold beverage of the day, great homemade food (I LOVE to cook!), and great friends & family.
A few of my favorite things:
My Wife and Daughter
Good Friends
Fast Cars
V - Twins
Great Food and Beverage

I guess it would have to be

Fly Fishing
Women ;)
Body Surfing


my wife and children

the honor of being able to care for sick and injured people

big trout on small dry flies!!!!!!
What makes me smile? It seems like too many things to list!

My wife (in a thong! rowr!!)
My kids running around playing having fun
Lifting Weights
Eating really good food - especially good hot sauce
a very good dark beer on a HOT day in Texas
playing guitar
clowning around with my brother
doing a good job at work
Shooting Guns - the smell of Hoppes makes me think of my grandfather too. He was a gunsmith and his workshop reeked of it.