What other things (besides knives) make you smile?

stuff that makes me smile:
pretty females (especially when they smile at me :D)
harleys and indians
being outside (or doing anything outside, for that matter)
having a problem & then kicking its ass
Water skiing
sittin' in a tree stand
Floatin' in my pool on a 90 degree day
One hour of quite time on the front step with a cigar and cold ale
first in on a "worker"
My wife
good beer
good friends
cranking my MESA amplifier
Other things that make me smile besides knives are:

My son all day long

My horses at feeding time

Opening of my safe, I know I have no money, but lots of toys.

Duck hunting

My dogs raising hell when I hook the boat up to the Z71

Shooting my guns.

My wife (not in the morning)


logging on to Bladeforums and seeing all the new posts. (suckup)

Opening UPS packages containing a new toy.

Nudie bars.

Running trot lines with an ice chest full of Bud Light with the boys.

Riding four wheelers with buddies, and hitting the nudie bars when we are supposed to be at the deer lease.

EXCELLENT THREAD!!!!! unless my wife is a member and I don't know it yet.
My wife and our twins.
Deer hunting.
Reeling in a nice channel cat.
Being in the woods.


Kim and Fiona.
Video games.
Movies, good and bad.
Comic books.
SCA, especially combat.
Sleep, if it ever happened.
My grinder, and especially my forge.
Knives (almost above all)
fast cars (Mustangs especially)
computer games
Robot Wars
good books
Not seeing the woman I have a HUGE crush on for the next two months :( (sorry, a bit negative today)
Now for smiles...
Remembering the last kiss :) of the woman I love and just had to part with for the summer...
Sitting on the roof of a university building with a bunch of great friends after an incredible night out, letting the buzz slowly wear off, watching the sun rise and smell the bakeries preparing fresh pastries... :)
Walking out of the favourite club after dancing the whole night, birds chirping, sky already getting lighter, but the sun not yet above the horizon... :)
Getting home from jogging 15 km, turning on the shower and enjoying the water running down the skin... :)
Finishing the last page of a really great book, closing it and letting the fresh memory of a good story linger... :)
Putting a brandnew CD in the player, listening to it and realising it´s one of the best albums I have ever bought... :)
Getting late to an exam, finishing it in 30 minutes instead of 90, and just barely pass it (how´s that for work efficiency?)... :)
My kids, watching young animals at play, the anicipation of going to a gun/knife show with $$$s to spend !! Yes !!
Naked women
the smell of gun oil
a cold beer on a hot day
the smell of fresh cut grass
sitting down by the river and letting life's care drift away
the feel of a sharp knife
getting packages in the mail(and we all know what they hold)
Being with the better half

memories of my father

A beautiful day

Animals in nature

Driving my new Subaru WRX, pegging the speedometer, making the tires sing through a corner.
A sunny day with no migraine
Blade Forums
New issues of Blade/Tactical Knives
Tacoma Knife Show
E-mail from friends
The smile of my wife, two feet away from me every day of my life.

Waking up on the occasional day when you realize that there are no bills to be paid.

Any day the mail doesn't run.

Christmas Day, when I feel like the richest man in town.(keep in mind, of the previous three that I am a knife dealer, not a cynic)

Working out on my land and realizing that I might be able to build a house out there someday.

A big fat cam in a big fat big block V8.

The musty smell of an old chrysler that's been sitting around for awhile.

Seeing someone happy, that you know has no real reason to be that way.(hope springs eternal)
I have to put the family first but my wife would tell you I'm lying.
A very close second is watching a big buck coming from 200 yards out to the sound of a grunt call and rattling horns. Running straight at me with his ears laid back and his eyes rolled over. The expresion they get on there faces when they slam on the brakes at 30 yards is priceless. SOMETIMES its so good I just watch them run away.
driving down the road,windows down, metallica cranked as loud as it goes, and not having to be anywhere or do anything
shooting (i love the sense of power you get)
knives (bien sur)
my job (yes, i kinda like my job :) )
blade show (see you there nextyear)
and before i graduated; spanish class.
Reading scripture like Hebrews 13:1&2.
Locking up the shop after doing something right.
That commercial on tv where they show a basket full of golden lab puppies, first sleeping, and then waking up in the morning.
You guys.
My chat room pals.
Helping someone that really needs it.
The reaction I get when I hand someone a knife I made.