What should I buy??

Dec 31, 1998
Okay, I'm looking for a "knew knife". Looking for honest opinions here on use/abuse of the knife. Want to keep the price under 200, however. I have a BM 875 Sentinel as my everyday, and am looking for a friend for it. The money's burning a hole in my pocket, any suggestions?
There are so many good ones for under $200.00. My recomendation would be either a Microtech Socom or Spyderco Military. Of course the AFCK.

Now if you want bullet proof, look into the Rekat Pockit Hobbit. It's right under $200.00 and it is rediculously tough.
Whoa, hold up, put the brakes on, wait a minute there mister..........

You might cause a few blood vessels to burst if your only requirement for a knife is a price of $200 or less. The shear amount of knives that would fit that bill would be more than enough to cause a hemmorage of some sort, not to mention carpal tunnel syndrome.

Telling us what you will be using it for might cut back on the visits to our Good Doctor's ER ward. After that, possibly filling us in on what kind of knife you prefer, fixed blade, folder, lockback, linerlock, other..

This sort of info will definately narrow down the list of recomendations to about a hundred or so choices.

Have fun here...

Yekim, don't make things so complicated man. Just tell him what you would get in that range as far as FOLDERS go. There are tons of good folders out there and many good custom ones that are way out of that price range.

Also forgot the Axis lock, pinacle, wegner, police, calypso, and so on.
Hmmmm...$200.00??...hmmm... Well if your Sentinel is your daily user, then maybe you want something to carry to keep sharp just for emergencies. I'm still waiting to get my Axis lock, so I'll recommend that one. Everyone else might as well be happy while I wait. The Axis Lock can be set up for left or right hand carry. Can't beat that. $200.00(and change) could get ya an Emerson Commander(with Wave). Very nifty knife. $200.00 might get you a Custom made knife. No telling. How about 4 Impulse's?? Okay maybe not.
Time for me to eat, thats all for now.
I think the Benchmade Axis lock is the best folder in that price range. Excellent ergonomics and one of the most reliable locks available. The other folders I would consider would be the REKAT Pioneer, which is also much more reliable than the current gaggle of production liner locks, the Gerger Covert (which has a safety that makes it pretty reliable if you remember to engage it - I like the Covert a lot), and the Spyderco Centofante with the safety.

Everything else is just another liner-lock.

The best recommendation for a new knife enthusiast with $200 in his pocket is to save up another $100 and buy a Sebenza.


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Harv and Joe have me all freaked out about linerlocks, but if you're not, the EDI Genesis will be out shortly in A2. Might be worth some consideration, also.

Harv-Would you still recommend the Sebenza if its primary use would be on the off chance of a self-defense encounter (and a folder was carried in that role)?

Oops, sorry everyone (esp. Yekim!), guess I was a little too vague there, my fault. Yes, preferably a folder . The reason I am asking is like Yekim said, I have way, way, way too many choices and one heckuva headache!

As for the uses, I'm on active duty with the Army. I will USE the knife for anything, if not everything, in my way. As for use in self-defense, it is not likely.

I'm making a list of all the recommendations, so please, feel free to elaborate on all points, good or bad about the best knife. It is not going unnoticed. Thanks

If you were interested in a fixed blade you could pick up the Spydie Moran with both of the Edgeworks sheaths (one is for pocket/neck use, the other will fit your web gear or vest). This is a dynamite knife for everything except heavy prybar use - which no folder likes anyway. With the pocket sheat the Moran disappears into your front or side pockets on your BDU's and is so light you will forget you have it.

I also have both the Spydie Military which is great one if you will use it with gloves on and the Sebenza which is a great $325 knife.

Let us know what you decide,

If you can find an existing one, or wait for standard production...The M2 AFCK sound like a good choice for you. The BT2 coating would protect it against corrosion. If you want the "best" for the money...the Axis would be the one. I'd also check out a Pinnacle. -AR
Okay, Spyderco and Benchmade are definites. The Sebenza is just too darn pretty. The Rekat Pocket Hobbit has a heckuva pucker factor just by looking at it. The SOCOM is still on my list. I'm gonna sleep on it, I've been up all night (Its 7:20 AM here). Looking forward to more info in the morning. Thanks y'all!
Get the Syderco Military.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it
You guys have been very helpful on this "quest" of mine. Today I will be looking at the Rekat knives (a la Internet) and trying to find out more info on the Masters of Defense line. The list is down to these:

Benchmade: Axis
AFCK (M2?)
Spyderco Military
Microtech SOCOM
EDI Genesis
Rekat Pioneer

This of course, is subject to change, while I continue to search and ask y'all for any more information and other suggestions. Thanks!

You can find the Spyderco Military and an Emerson CQC7 for 200.00 for both if you look around. The Military is put together so well, you won't need to worry about the liner lock if you order over the net. I would recommend handling any Emerson or Benchmade before purchasing. Some have poor lock-up. The Military uses a special pivot that is off-center so that you can adjust the lock-up. They all come from the factory with perfect lock-up. Very ingenious. I trust mine implicitly (and I am VERY finicky about my liner locks). I would trust my Military over any other knife on the market. It is as strong as the Commander (although the tip may be weaker). It has terrific blade steel (CPM-440V). Its ergonomics are excellent. You should be able to get one for 120 bucks.

The CQC7 is a well built knife that you can find for 80 bucks. If you lose it, no sweat. Mine locks up tightly, but YMMV. I've owned two Ravens and a Specwar that had terrible lock-up and failed all tests. Make sure you inspect the lock before you buy it.

If you want to spend the whole shootin' match on one knife, get an Emerson Commander. It is very strong, with a good lock-up.

The Benchmade 710 is a decent knife, but hard to open with gloves on. If you can find a 970 series knife with a good lock and a reasonable price (85-90 bucks), go for it (although the Emerson version is probably going to be less expensive).

If you are in the military, I would suggest a knife that can be opened and closed easily with gloves on. The Spyderco Military is tops at this, with the Commander coming in second. The CQC7s are decent and the Axis is poor.

These are my opinions on ideal carry folding knives. I've owned over a hundred "tactical" folders and the one's I've mentioned are among the top of their class, regardless of price. Hope this helps.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown here. I've "managed" to "narrow" the field down, and here's where it gets ugly. I'm stuck.

Spydie Military (go figure, I'm in the Army)

EDI Genesis

Benchmade Pinnacle

Rekat Pioneer (Steve and Jackyl, I never would've looked if you hadn't suggested it)

I have 3 out of the 4 (Military, Pioneer tanto, Genesis) and if I had to pick one I would go with the Military even though I love my Genesis. Here's why:
-I think the Military is more durable when locked up compared with the Genesis. The Pionner locks up very solid. The large hole of the Spydie facilitates easy one hand opening with gloves. You being in the Army would probably be in the position where you may need a knife that requires little if no maintenance. As much as I love my Genesis, I have to tighten her up every so often with a torx key. The Pioneer is very functional with an incredible locking mechanism but in your case a slightly larger knife may be more useful. I would get the Spydie Military serrated model. Yes, I admit it, I am becoming more partial to serrated knives now that I know how to sharpen them. They cut very well.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.


2 more thoughts....as far as your comment about the Military and you being in the Army, there is a reason for that. Spyderco really thought this out well and designed a tool (knife) that would function incredibly well not only in the field somewhere but in your back yard.

Also, if you get the Military get the newer model with the CPM440V steel with the 11 improvements they made and not the older model with ATS34. I notice a lot of dealers are still trying to sell their old stock & charging as if it was the new improved Military model.

I'll go back in my hole now


Alrighty, decision is made.

Kodiak Pa (Greg?) thanks for that last note. Tried to figure out how the heck I got a quote of 89.95 and 112.95. Thought I was going insane.

To all Forum-ites that helped, THANK YOU!!!

Because of everyone's help I've seen some knives that, well, I just might need to play with!! THANKS EVERYBODY!!

Now, today's the 23rd. Let's see how fast it get's here.
oops, posted twice

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