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what should i do?

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Dec 20, 1999
i sold a knife a coulpe of days ago and the person got it today and told me that the envelope had developed a hole in the side of the envelope this was the cardboard type the knife was very light weight i have mailed lots of kives over the years this same way to several of you forum members and by my stupidity i did not have have insurance and the price is not the issue it was only $20 and i would never take a chance to destroy my reputation that has taken me years to build for any amount of money let alone a mear $20 should i just swallow it and send the money back?me personaly i am not sure if i buy that story but then again i cant prove any differnt.any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance bob
I hate to say give him the $20 real quickly but for $20 it may be the best solution. I typically don't insure stuff under $40 because the cost and hastle to collect is worth more than that.

If you have a good feel about the buyer and think they are a standup person I would just eat the $20, or ask if they'll split it with you.

If you have doubts about their character just never deal with them again. I think your reputation is worth more than $20.

Unfortunately sometimes the good guys get screwed but no one can fault you for doing the right thing.

Just my .00002
Send the guy the $20.00. Things happen and this may actually be the one time the knife managed to rip through the package.

If this fella is really ripping you off for a lousy $20.00 then he must be a real waste of oxygen. I think I would give him the benefit of the doubt, but would be reluctant to sell him another knife under any conditions.
I am not certain if I am qualified to answer here....but so be it.

I have to agree with Keith and cpirtle. If you know the guy, or he has a good bladeforums rep, I would send him the $20.

If it were $100.00, I would ask that he send you the cardboard envelope back to conduct your own investigation.

I do not like to hear of your loss no matter what the amount.

Keith is clearly correct regarding this guy and $20. If he actually sent you the money and is trying to scam you to get the $20 back, he would have to be a pretty "lame" individual.

His story, because of his actions, sounds more believeable than my guy on this forum.

I don't know how it is in the consumer market, but in my work the customer assumes liability the minute the product leaves my dock. If it is damaged or lost during shipment, it is their liability.

cpirtle also has a good suggestion regarding seeing if this guy would split the $20 with you. You obviously performed on your end, and the loss is not necessarily your fault anymore than it is his.

Anyone who already hasn't done so should read Cougar's links above. A lot of VERY good information most of which I never would've thought of! An I gots me a collage Dee-Greee! :)


I am glad you think it is the responsibility of the seller to get the knife to the buyer.

As has already been said; the best think to do is just eat the lost.

If I had received an envelope with a hole in it and no knife; I would have offered to split your lost.
USPS has been really slipping. I have mailed stuff (always) priority insured, twice now, boxes arrived looking like a gorilla used them for play. At least the window clerks are good about documenting damage so that they pay off in the end. Also I have received an empty box/envelope twice in the past two years, so I guess it goes both ways. Lesson... INSURE!
thanks for all of the info guys - i definately have learned my lesson. from now on i will have to charge a little more and insure everything i send out. i am just thankful that my lesson only cost me $20.
I believe you are making the correct decision, nifeman. As you say, good that it is only a $20 lesson.

However, I would adopt at least a temporary paranoia, or at least cynicism, and watch the sales forums/auctions for awhile to see if your buyer is suddenly selling the knife he didn't get. Should that ever prove to be the case, I would say that you would be warranted to post his name here.
thanks for the advice and i most certanly will be watching the for sale forums..the ironic thing is that the person told me that was the third incedent they had that week HMM and that i also have another knife that the person was interested in and maybe i could cut a deal on it for the first one disapearing HMMM.but i dont think so i will just take my small loss and remember.thanks again for all the advice guys