Feb 3, 2001
Hello and greetings!
I was just curious as to what size blades people who carry folders prefer. Does any one actually carry 6 inch Vaquero Grandes around? I assume most people's folders are between 3 and 4 inches. Have you ever felt self-conscious carrying a larger folder? Or have you ever wished your daily carry folder was larger? I used to carry 4 inch folders myself, but am scaling back to 3 inch folders mostly because of P.C.
Thanx in advance for your input and be careful out there!
I carry a BM 705 most of the time, but every now and then I will carry my 710. I also sometimes carry my 720 but I usually go with the 705. I don't find much need in carring a large folder, most of the time my 705 does all I need.
I carry around a 5.5" REKAT Sifu every day. I just don't notice it whether in my pocket or in my Mike Sastre kydex belt sheath.

I also carry a somewhat smaller folder for the times I don't want to startle anyone by drawing the Sifu.
Even so, my most common alternate is a 3.4" Kershaw Boa. Otherwise I carry a 2.5" Spyderco Native or a 2.6" CRKT Wasp, depending on where I'm going.

Except for the intimidation factor the Sifu is a very effective utility knife.

--Bob Q
I mostly carry a Dozier Toothpick and/or a Spyderco Wegner. I've recently started experimenting with a D2 Sifu, but it is large enough to infringe on the PC sensitivities we must all be aware of. The Sifu is legal for concealed carry in my state, _with_ a permit. Nearly all my cronies carry some sort of knife on a clip, clearly visible in their pocket, usually with a blade less than 4" which is the limit without a permit. Even in this environment which is usually knife-neutral if not knife-friendly, I believe the large folders are on the edge and, if beyond the legal limit, should be totally concealed so as not to invite a charge of "brandishment", which can cost you your permit. Office environments, or high public exposure jobs, bring the PC thing more into focus, and make a good case for even the smaller blades being out of sight.
I carry a 3.9" AFCk and a 3.75" Sentinel. I traded Mo and for a 3.125" CRKT M-16 and I learned tons with this trade. I personally get no advantages out of the tanto tip design, but it is incredibly easy to sharpen. One of the best things I learned is that 3.125" is too small for me!! Closer to 4" seems just about right to me.

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All the knives I carry have blades between 3.5 and 3.9 inches. these are the Spyderco Police and Military and the Buck Strider. When I get my Darrel Ralph MADD MAXX I will also be carrying a knife with a 5.5 inch blade.

11" (OAL) Italian stiletto switchblade. Legal in Oregon so long as it's not concealed. I carry it in a nylon web sheath. PC be damned.

My other carry is a S&W S.W.A.T. I think 4" or 4.5" blade.

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hi - i carry a cold steel gunsite model w/a 5" blade quite regularly - also sometimes a spyderco khalsa w/about 4" blade - no self conciousness at all lol - the gunsite carries pretty easy clipped to the top of my right front pocket, then a masters of defense razorback inside the waistband on left side and a Glock 33 in a paddle holster stong side (right)- you get used to it after a while (yes i have a license, for the gun lol)
I probably should have noted in my earlier post that in Texas, where I live, everything I carry is perfectly legal whether or not it is concealed.

--Bob Q
Used to think bigger was better. I.E. 3.5 inch blade on up.

However, I've gone to smaller blades. Currently, my favorite is the Spyderco Native CPM 440V lightweight (approx. 3" blade).

BTW, I have a BF/REKAT Sifu heading my way but I really can't see myself carrying such a big knife on daily basis.

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Microtech UDT - just under 3" of steel but always ready for action.
Currently a Large Sebenza (3.5 or so) and before that was a customized tip-up SOCOM (4"), so I'm still pretty partial to fairly good sized knife.

Since wearing slacks everyday (career change) is in my near future, I've begun a search for a much lighter and smaller "at-work" knife... I've got a carbon fiber William Henry T12 enroute right now. If it works well I may get a T09 also for fully in-pocket carry (2 1/8" blade).
My daily carry pieces hover between 2.75" and 3.5". I typically find little use for a really big blade and I find that really big blades end up home in the safe or locked in the truck or atv. I am not a fan of sub 1.5" blades at all and usually stay clear of them. The medium sized knives provide great utility for me and my lifestyle.

I've been keeping track of my knife use a lot lately. So far, my SAK's win the usefulness test. I use a SAK about 75% of the time for utility work. The other blades usually come into play for heavier duty cutting chores or for field dressing work.
When a "quick cut" is necessary, the one hand opener is used 100% of the time.

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My size taste is pretty close to SGTMMIKE's. My favorite carry pieces are between 2.5 and 3.4". I like to keep the overall length under 8". Knives that fit that descript are the Spyderco Native, Lum Chinese, Viele and BM 940, Mini AFCK, and the CKRT Viele Wasp. Smaller knives I like include the William Henry International Wharncliffe, Spyderco Calypso, BM 770 and 705. However, I do also like short knives like the Spyderco Co-Pilot and BM 330.
I carry my REKAT Pioneer II in Tanto configuration on my side everyday. I find it is the perfect size for just about everything utilitarian, while, when properly sharpened, still offering up as a mean defensive tool as well.

In the bush, I like to carry something more disposable, so there you may find me with one of Cold Steel's larger, inexpensive pieces.

I live in NYC...and toting around a Sifu is sure to get me into trouble, even if I am law abiding in every other respect.

Steve in NYC

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Currently a 3.6" blade. I like the blades to be between 3 and 4". Im don't really care about being PC, but I'd rather not get arrested and 3-4" performs pretty well for most tasks.
I like my knives to be at least 4" long closed, anything less is getting to be to short for a good grip. I do lots of heavy cutting. I like them to be under 5" closed though so I can still clip them in my pocket.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer... but I've got the sharpest knife in the room.
Today I've got a REKAT Carnivore, which is the top range of what I usually carry, folder-wise. I usually carry something smaller, like a small sebenza or a Spyderco Native. Not because it's PC, but because it's not really comfortable for me to carry around a larger knife, and they don't fit too well in my trouser pockets.
My favorite is a BM 730, with a 3.6 inch blade. Back-up for that one is a BM 722, with a 3.25 inch blade. Waiting on a MT LCC, which will have a 3.6 inch blade, IIRC, and it may displace one of the BM's. One of these days I intend to get a BM 721, which IIRC will have a 3.25 inch blade. So, I guess all that means that I like 3.25 to 3.6 inch blades?

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3.5" or slightly less seems about ideal for me in terms of blade size and reasonably-sized handle for overall comfort. Large Sebi and the Elishewitz Djinn fit the bill for me at the higher price levels and BMs such as the 730 or 720/722 at more moderate price levels